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With today's daily energy on August 23, 2023, we are mainly receiving the influences of a major solar change, because the sun is changing from the zodiac sign Leo to the zodiac sign Virgo. Thus, a new cycle and thus also a new season is beginning (the Virgo born celebrate their birthday again). Within the Virgo phase, completely different aspects of our being are illuminated. In this context, the sun always stands for our own ground, i.e. for our inner essence, and accordingly, along with the respective zodiac sign, certain properties in our field are addressed.

Sun in Virgo

daily energyWithin the Virgo phase that is now beginning, our health awareness will be very much in the foreground. The Virgo zodiac sign is always associated with responsibility for our bodies. Instead of falling into states of chaos, illness and addiction, the Virgo zodiac sign wants to encourage us to re-establish a healthy lifestyle along with habits that promote healing. For this reason, during the Virgo phase, many states are illuminated on our part, within which we let toxic or disharmonious structures come to life. This is exactly how a lot of order and, above all, a sense of responsibility should be lived. Be it the responsibility for our own body, for our actions or generally for our circumstances, in the next four weeks aspects of our being will show up that want to be reconciled. Appropriately, the Virgo also shows us that we ourselves are the creators of our own reality and accordingly it is ONLY OUR own responsibility and power to let a new reality based on healing become manifest.

Mercury goes retrograde

On the other hand, today's Mercury will turn retrograde through September 15 in Virgo. As a result, countless stressful and above all unhealthy lifestyles on our part will also experience a strong illumination. After all, Mercury stands for knowledge, for our senses, for our communication and ultimately for our expression of being. In this phase that is now beginning, we will therefore be subjected to a drastic test and all unnatural living conditions will increasingly come to the fore so that we can transform them. In essence, it will now be all about our health aspects, along with the manifestation of a completely new basic order in our lives. Everything wants to be structured. This energy can also have a strong impact on our thinking, causing us to analytically and decisively omit things that previously stood in the way of a healthy life structure. On the other hand, we shouldn't start any new projects in this phase and we shouldn't sign any contracts either. Dealing with decisions instead of rushing things should be our top priority at this stage. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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