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Today's daily energy on March 21, 2018 is characterized on the one hand by the moon, which is still in the zodiac sign Taurus, and on the other hand by three other star constellations that take effect throughout the day. On the other hand, the Venus year also begins today (from March 21, 2018 to March 20, 2019), which is why a time will now dawn in which our love will come to the fore.

Beginning of the year of Venus

In this context, each year is also “subject to” a specific regent. For example, last year it was the planet Mars, last year it was the sun and this year it is Venus. The year of Venus also stands for reconciliation, forgiveness, creativity, friendship, sensuality and for our emotional or female parts (every person has both female/intuitive and male/analytical parts - Yin-Yang - law of polarity).

Planetary years

Source: http://www.hundertjaehriger-kalender.com/startseite/planeten-und-jahre-im-100jaehrigen-kalender/

For this reason, our heart chakra will continue to be the focus in the coming period (which fits with the current zeitgeist, because due to massive cleansing processes, a reorientation is currently taking place, i.e. more and more people are developing a love for nature and life itself - of course there is also There is still a lot of chaos, but the collective state of consciousness is changing at breakneck speed) and it is therefore not just about peaceful coexistence or the creation of a state of consciousness from which a peaceful/harmonious reality emerges, but it is also about development our self-love (for the benefit of our lives and for the benefit of our fellow human beings - we always project our inner state onto the external, perceptible world and vice versa). Beginning of the year of VenusHowever, since the year of Venus also brings us very intense energies, the associated energetic circumstances could temporarily have the opposite effect or bring about some precarious circumstances before our heart chakras can be cleansed (removing our blockage - transformation/changing our state of being). The last two years of Venus (2004 and 2011) were also accompanied by tragic moments. In this regard, there was the 2004 tsunami in Southeast Asia (triggered by an earthquake in the Indian Ocean), in which countless people lost their lives. In 2011 we again experienced the reactor disaster in Fukishima and the Arab Spring (violent uprisings/rebellions in the Middle East and North Africa).

The coming months will be particularly influenced by Venus as the new annual ruler, which is why not only our heart energy is in the foreground, but a very energetic circumstance reaches us overall..!!

Whether we can expect something similar in this year of Venus remains to be seen, but this aspect should not be ignored. Well, basically, the year of Venus (which, by the way, develops its full power in summer) is mainly about the manifestation of harmonious circumstances, about appreciation within relationships and about joyful and sensual states.

Love animals, love all plants and all things! If you love everything, the mystery of God will be revealed to you in all things, and you will schließlich embrace all the world with love. – Fyodor Dostoyevsky..!!

If we as humans are currently struggling with internal conflicts, then the coming months are perfect for reflecting on our lives, or rather our current living conditions. How can we become aware of the extent to which we are standing in the way of our own happiness in life and, as a result, initiate important changes.

Further influences of the Taurus Moon

Further influences of the Taurus MoonIn the year of Venus, our heart energy is in the foreground and depending on how we align ourselves spiritually and, above all, to what extent we engage with the influences, the more inspiring the year can be for us. However, today's beginning of the Venus year does not have the greatest influence on today's daily energy, it is just the beginning. On the one hand, the influences of the Taurus Moon have a much greater impact on us, which means we can still be strongly focused on our family/home and, on the other hand, we stick to habits. Goals could also be pursued with great persistence. Otherwise, at the beginning at 03:41 a.m. a sextile (harmonic angular relationship - 60°) between the moon and Neptune (in the zodiac sign Pisces) came into effect, through which we had an impressive spirit during the night or early in the morning, had a strong imagination, sensitivity and good empathy. At 14:58 p.m. a trine (harmonic angular relationship - 120°) between the Moon and Pluto (in the zodiac sign Capricorn) becomes active, which can have a very strong impact on our emotional life. On the other hand, this trine awakens our sentimental nature and our emotional world is in the foreground.

Today's daily energy is still mainly shaped by the influences of the moon in the zodiac sign Taurus, which is why we can be very persistent, but on the other hand we also stick to habits and are very focused on our home..!!

Last but not least, at 18:20 p.m. a disharmonious constellation takes effect, namely an opposition (disharmonic angular relationship - 180°) between the Moon and Jupiter (in the zodiac sign Scorpio), which could make us prone to extravagance and waste. Since this constellation also has a negative impact on love relationships, certain conflicts could arise, which is why we should act with caution in this regard. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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Star Constellations Source: https://www.schicksal.com/Horoskope/Tageshoroskop/2018/Maerz/21

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