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Today's daily energy on July 21, 2022 is, on the one hand, characterized by the continuing waning moon, which in turn changed to the zodiac sign Taurus late yesterday evening at 20:27 p.m. and has been letting its grounding and, above all, enduring properties have an effect on us ever since. On the other hand, the energies of a portal day affect us, which means that all influences can generally be perceived more strongly. Otherwise, 3 days ago, i.e. on July 18th, Venus moved into the zodiac sign Cancer and will stay there until August 10th. The love planet now affects us in a completely different way and primarily addresses our family wishes, longings and connections.

Venus in the zodiac sign Cancer

Venus in the zodiac sign CancerThe associated water energy is particularly important in relationships. Everything wants to flow or be in flux. And this principle can be transferred 1:1 to our interpersonal connections and partnerships, i.e. not only do we want to strengthen existing connections, but we can also increasingly perceive the desire for family and a secure partnership within us, along with the increased exchange of affection and closeness. Above all, it is about our personal freedom, because a connection in the new era is based on unconditionality, trust and freedom. Above all, the focus is on unconditional love for ourselves, just as much as our personal or self-created freedom. Instead of living out a state of consciousness based on limitations, which creates unfree situations (Limited/unfree situations and circumstances always arise from ourselves - our own mind creates everything - the creative authority), we remove this limitation and thereby create a true connection with ourselves. Infinite trust in ourselves, i.e. an absolute basic trust, without constraints, tensions and dependencies, will also create connections in which this basic trust is confirmed. Anyone who truly loves themselves and is anchored in healing will experience, especially in relationships, that true love is shown to them.

Moon in Taurus

daily energyWe ourselves dissolve pain, mistrust and dependencies and thereby give birth to an energetically independent, yet completely intimate and infinite connection, a connection that will exist in depth, because our liberated and intimate connection to ourselves creates this ground. Ultimately, it's always about the connection to ourselves, i.e. our own self-image. Well, apart from Cancer Venus, we are also heading towards an upcoming new moon. The grounding influences of the Taurus Moon reach us in advance. Security, basic trust and a desire for relaxation or grounded and harmonious life situations can become increasingly evident in us. The same applies to enjoyment and, above all, the tendency to enjoy enjoyable circumstances. Ultimately, it can be extremely relaxing to surrender to your own peace and create a moment of enjoyment. In exactly the same way, the experience of excessive enjoyment in society, for example in the form of “satisfying” (related to addiction) foods and co. temporarily take us out of everyday stressful situations. Especially in times when fears are largely intended to be stirred up, it can be all the more beneficial to surrender to the corresponding circumstances, as long as no stressful or dependent patterns arise from them. At this point I would also like to refer again to my latest video, which is embedded below this article and which essentially deals with the topic of gluttony and excess. Well then, grounding influences reach us and in a few days, i.e. on July 28th, the next new moon will reach us and this time it will be in the zodiac sign Cancer. We can therefore look forward to days that will address our own emotional lives in depth. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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