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With today's daily energy on October 20, 2022, the influences of the tenth and last portal day of this month are reaching us. So we are at the end of this highly special phase and at the same time end the great portal crossing. On the final day we can therefore once again integrate these powerful energetic influences into us and accordingly on a a completely unique phase. In this context, this phase also flew by and yet an incredible amount happened every day, within our own minds.

We pass through an infinite number of worlds

We pass through an infinite number of worldsIn this regard, it is also amazing how much our own minds are currently expanding to new worlds. In this regard, our own consciousness, for example, is constantly expanding, i.e. it is expanding to include new information, impressions and experiences; one could also speak of worlds. Yes, our entire state of consciousness basically represents its own fascinating world, at its core even an all-encompassing universe, whose energy and orientation is constantly changing and also expanded to include new impressions/worlds. And this process has become more and more intense in recent years - within this portal day phase, it feels like new highlights were reached every day. On the one hand, the days have passed incredibly quickly, a circumstance that generally becomes more pronounced from month to month (due to our own light body, which is rotating faster and faster, along with the steady increase and flooding of electromagnetic radiation and the collective consciousness that is generally rising more and more from day to day) and gives us the feeling that time passes extremely quickly and on the other hand, an incredible amount always happens in short periods of time. As was the case, for example, in the 10 portal days. Every single day, our own minds expanded at an incredible pace and we continually experienced fundamental changes in our own expression of being.

A special journey ends

Virgo MoonThe change in our entire mind, body and soul alignment takes place at an incredible pace and in a single day we can mentally experience completely new worlds. For this reason, we feel like we are flying through current times and changing at an impressive speed. As I said, in the current 10 portal days alone, so many impressions have been collected and new conditions have been experienced, so that a completely different condition already prevails. Ultimately, on an energetic level, we are literally fueled with an incredible number of impulses and countless readjustments take effect within our energy system. We are changing completely and are about to leave our cocoon made up of old structures. And in these 10 portal days, an incredible amount was able to be resolved in this regard. We have taken a big step towards collective advancement and can now start the next upcoming October events with this quality.

Virgo Moon

Well, the tenth and final portal day is also marked by a change of moon, because the moon changes to the zodiac sign Virgo at 18:22 p.m. The grounding element can therefore strengthen us again and, above all, root our energetic readjustments. The zodiac sign, which also stands for order and structure, can also allow us to finish the portal day series structurally, i.e. we use the energy of the last portal day to completely ground ourselves. It's a good day to keep things tidy within your own four walls. And since this circumstance is favored by the waning moon anyway, a corresponding project would be perfect. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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