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With today's daily energy on March 20, 2024, one of the most important days of the year is reaching us, because today the annual and above all highly magical spring equinox takes place. The festival, which is also known as the spring equinox, represents the astrological beginning of the New Year. Basically, however, one should expect much more from the truthful one Talk about the beginning of the year, because today marks the beginning of the new year with the new beginning of the solar cycle. The sun has thus completed its journey through the signs of the zodiac and is now entering the energy of Aries again and with it the energy of the first sign of the zodiac.

Energies of the Spring Equinox

vernal equinoxPreviously, for example in December, January and February, the final energies of Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces affected us. It was the time of winter, a phase that was used, on the one hand, to let go of old energies and structures within deep reflection processes and, on the other hand, to prepare us, especially towards the end, for the beginning of the New Year. Today's spring equinox, which incidentally represents the first sun festival of the year, not only ushers in the new year, but this special day also ushers in spring. In nature, a deep activation takes place on an informative level, whereby fauna and flora automatically adjust to this new quality of time and now transition into the energy of growth. Ultimately, this also shows what a tremendous power is anchored in the quality of today's equinox. It is not for nothing that today was considered a highly magical festival within earlier advanced cultures. In general, the four annual sun festivals are always said to have a fateful energy at their core. Today an old cycle is completely ended and we are also experiencing the complete beginning of a new phase. And thanks to the Aries energy that comes with it, we are now experiencing a complete upswing or forward thrust in this regard, because hardly any other zodiac sign gives us as much fiery implementation energy as Aries does.

The solar year

daily energyOtherwise, a completely different energy affects us. Every year is shaped by a different energy body, i.e. every year has a new ruler. Last year, Mars was the annual ruler, which brought with it a lot of unrest in places, but at the same time also gave us a lot of energy to implement. This year, however, the sun will be the annual ruler and will continuously provide us with its energy. With the sun, we could hardly have a more unique ruler. The sun itself symbolizes pure life force, energy and radiance. At its core, the sun always speaks to our being and, above all, our deep personality or our essence. This year will therefore be primarily about the development of our being. We should therefore develop completely freely, live our true parts, transition into joy and let the sun shine in our innermost being. This is exactly how the Leo energy that comes with it is supposed to thrive. The fact that we show ourselves instead of keeping our great creative power hidden, that we step forward and, above all, carry our heart energy out into the world (Leo = heart chakra), all of these aspects will also have a strong impact. Let us therefore use today's magic of the astrological New Year and begin to lay the foundation for a fulfilled and, above all, love-based state of consciousness. A new year begins. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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