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Today's daily energy on June 20, 2024 leads us directly into one of the most energetically bright days of the year, because today the extremely powerful and above all healing summer solstice reaches us. The summer solstice (litha), which also marks the astronomical beginning of summer and therefore marks the beginning of summer (nature is activated), is considered the brightest Day of the year, because on this day the night is the shortest and the day the longest, in other words, purely symbolically speaking, the light lasts the longest today. Therefore, it is also a day of the year that illuminates our entire energy system and can subsequently raise its vibration. This is exactly how strong light codes reach us (energetically very effective impulses), through which we can in turn develop our higher or, better said, divine/holy self even more.

The astronomical start of summer

Start of summerApart from the fact that the current energy quality as a whole is geared towards healing our being and consequently the collective, accompanied by strong heart openings and, above all, life-changing self-knowledge, we are receiving more and more influences from day to day that call on us to revive our highest self-image. For this reason, an inner imbalance is reflected to us more strongly than ever, especially in these times, because everything is geared towards ascension, self-healing and truthfulness. The world, that is, our inner world (inner and outer are one) is rising and our light bodies want to develop completely. Everything that stands in the way of this is therefore being cleared at an incredible pace. And this very strong, or more precisely, clearing energy environment, which is now finalizing during today's summer solstice, is triggering an unimagined cleansing and healing in our entire cellular environment (and energy system). At the end of the day, it is an ancient, actually even holy festival that releases great potential in us and, if we are open to it in heart and mind, can give us great wisdom and important insights. It is not for nothing that fateful encounters and circumstances are also attributed to this day, which can have a great influence on our future life.

Maximum fullness

Summer solsticeThe brightest day of the year also gives nature the energetic impulse to align itself completely with summer. Similar to what happens at the astronomical beginning of spring (March), which strongly stimulates nature to grow and above all to thrive, new points within nature are now activated, whereby the typical summer characteristics become apparent in nature. The summer phase comes into effect and, like no other phase of the year, this represents abundance, to be precise, maximum abundance. Those who have aligned themselves with the natural cycles due to their already strongly ascended spirit and subsequently resonate with them, will notice how the natural cycle, in this case the characteristics of the summer phase, also become active in their own field. In winter we withdraw and turn our gaze inwards. In summer we reap the fruits of our being, the fruits of our spirit, and if this is of a divine nature, then we experience a special harvest, that which is due to our truest being. Those who are whole themselves can only attract healing, that is, holiness, perfection, the whole and consequently abundance.

“The Solstice brings us some of the strongest energies of the year. It should put you in a better mood. These energies are meant to raise your frequency. Expect some big changes this week. That is, if you turn inward, you should already be seeing great results in your manifestations. If not, now is the time to do some more clarifying work. We will continue to resolve blockages in the future. The summer solstice is a powerful gateway. We have powerful Light Codes arriving right now. 

The summer solstice is a powerful gateway that can lead us into other dimensions and worlds. It activates the gates, portals and gates that lead to other worlds. When the earth is activated, everything opens. Also the veil is so thin now. That is, if you were feeling like you were in a fog, things should be clearer now/in this energetic space. With the veil lifted, you can tap into the spiritual like never before. That means you get more guidance and signs. Both should guide you and help you to move forward on your way.”

Sun in the zodiac sign Cancer

Sun in the zodiac sign CancerWell, the summer solstice or the astronomical start of summer takes place today late in the evening at 22:50 p.m. At the same time, the sun also moves into the zodiac sign of Cancer. From today onwards, the sun will illuminate the water sign, which illuminates our emotional, familial and maternal aspects. The sun speaks strongly to our own familial issue and can bring us a lot of healing and fulfillment in this regard. Depending on how many problems, conflicts and general disagreements prevail in this area of ​​our lives, a lot will clear up in the coming weeks. This is exactly how the water sign wants to get these issues and, as a result, our inner connection to them flowing, instead of us living a standstill. Nevertheless, the summer solstice is completely in the foreground today. Let us therefore welcome this ancient and powerful festival and face the day with mindfulness. Special moments, breakthroughs in our own aspects of life, great clarity and, above all, fateful circumstances can reach us. Last but not least, in keeping with this highly magical festival, I would like to introduce you to a new project close to my heart, because I have written a new book in the past few months and published it a few days ago. The title is: "The truth about our drinking water"In this book, I have gone into depth about today's water pollution and explained how heavily our tap water is contaminated in terms of materials and energy. The book also contains real laboratory results, analyses and studies that provide a shocking but also eye-opening insight into the subject. The subject of water treatment and revitalization is also completely illuminated. After reading the book, each of you will know how to get access to water of real spring water quality every day without any special effort. The book was therefore a personal matter for me. The information is very important. With this in mind, please take a look at the book. You can find it here on Amazon: http://amoz.onl/2O9 I also present the book in more detail in the video below. Stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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