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Today's daily energy on July 20, 2020 is characterized on the one hand by the continued high-intensity influences of the eighth portal day and on the other hand by the influences of a powerful new moon in the zodiac sign Cancer. The new moon will become manifest at 19:32 p.m. and will cause the prevailing energy mixture to shoot up again – which, by the way, was already STRONGLY NOTICEABLE yesterday (Incidentally, the second time in the zodiac sign Cancer, i.e. the new moon in June was also in the zodiac sign Cancer, whereby the characteristics of this zodiac sign are particularly addressed - pronounced mental life, dreaminess, empathy. Associated with this, shadow issues could in turn amount to suppressed sensations and emotional states, which now need to be clarified - Talking - Letting one's energies flow instead of suppressing/pushing them aside).


new moon influencesUltimately, therefore, we experience the ENERGETIC HIGH POINT this month. Admittedly, this month has eclipsed EVERYTHING in terms of energy intensity and has catapulted us all into new states of consciousness. The density of self-knowledge and impulses has never been so high. The last portal days have turned a lot of things upside down, meaning on the one hand they have shown us new directions, given us groundbreaking impulses and on the other hand they have raised the collective awakening to a noticeably higher level. So far it has been a STRONG CLEANING PROCESS that has completely flushed our entire cell environment, which is why the days have felt very tiring and exhausting, which is hardly surprising given this strong energy quality (at this point I refer to yesterday Daily Energy Article, in which I talked about severe tiredness and problems falling asleep). However, none of this will be comparable to today's energy quality, the combination of the progressive portal day phase (otherwise the eighth day - 8 = number of infinity) with today's Cancer new moon is just INCREDIBLY TRANSCENDING. For this reason, our female side is addressed again, so the new moon in its entirety stands for the female principle (All things have the female behind and the male in front of them. When the masculine and feminine unite, all things attain harmony). On the other hand, as the name suggests, new moons are associated with the manifestation of the new. So today can be DECISIVE and bring us moments of special fortune.

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And as I said, we were already able to experience all of this in the past portal days, but today this energy quality has simply been massively increased. That's why, basically, the words I've written here can no longer express what's going on at the moment. It is just UNIQUE at what TEMPO the awakening process is progressing and how much everything is changing. We are fast approaching the inevitable golden age and the liberation of our civilization is in full swing. Believe me, even if it doesn't always seem obvious and even if you're still occasionally confronted with people who don't know anything about all this and who, above all, with a closed heart, full of rejection, reject/don't accept the awakening process and the unmasking of the sham system acknowledge (refrain from expanding their minds in higher frequency directions), so you know that this process is not only inevitable, but also reached and, above all, reached a huge number of people. The WHOLE thing has become unstoppable and the past portal days have made a complete contribution to this. At this point, we must also never neglect the power of our own mind. The more people awaken and carry corresponding beliefs, beliefs and feelings, the more these ideas manifest in the collective mind. As on the inside, so on the outside, as on the outside, so on the inside.

YOU are CRUCIAL to the collective AWAKENING!!!!

We ourselves, AS CREATORS, are CONNECTED to EVERYTHING and consequently reach the entire collective. Alone the awareness of one's own divine ground (about the power of your own mind - SPIRIT RULES over matter - all your actions were first born/conceived in your mind - the house you live in was e.g. conceived by an ARCHITECT, first presented, then built - this principle can be transferred to the entire world! NOTHING in your life was NOT created out of your spirit, so you created ALL YOURSELF, even this article - THE HIGHEST SELF-IMAGE, you ARE THE CREATOR, it always has been and always will be - you are the MOST POWERFUL in EXISTENZ, never think anything else – law of resonance, this self-image lets you attract the same to the outside, MAXIMUM – then it is PURE MAGIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Because of this, each individual is extremely powerful and fully contributes to the collective awakening (only when you change yourself does the world change). The more people carry the energy of awakening within them, the stronger this energy becomes manifest in the world. And in the last few days, this energy has been MASSIVELY focused worldwide. Sometimes apart from all the people who constantly look behind the scenes of the sham system and maintain a corresponding energy, sometimes apart from ALL the PEOPLE/CREATORS who currently see through the appearance of the world and consequently change the world massively solely through their knowledge about the world and sometimes apart the work that would be done in the background (Energy bundling of countless instances), have e.g. alone the 8 published daily energy articles (which had a very high reach - which, by the way, has generally been the case since Corona, people take personal responsibility. Trusting the system less and less, turning to spiritual portals and beginning to question and change their lives, the influx is at an all-time high) in combination with your energy concentration (the focus was on the awakening process, on the FIERCE ENERGY – on MOVEMENT FORWARD) triggered an INCREDIBLE PUSH. We have therefore also strongly pushed the awakening in the past few days and we can be extremely grateful for that.

Take advantage of today's new moon day!!!

Well, in the end I always refer to the POWER of each individual. You are all POWERFUL CREATORS and decide the further course on this planet solely with your mental orientation. Therefore, NEVER underestimate your own power, because it is WORLD-CHANGING!!!! So let's use today's new moon day and visualize our own power. The times are unbelievable and today can trigger another huge change in the collective. THE AWAKENING HAS BECOME UNSTOPPABLE BY ALL OF US!!!! Well then, before I end this daily energy article, I would also like to revisit the MEDICINAL PLANT MAGIC point out, which we now match with today's new moon in the STRONG SALE have. We thought that we would lower the price again to match this event. So if you haven't joined us yet, today is the perfect ENTRY into a NEW WORLD. With this in mind, everyone stays healthy, happy and lives a life in harmony. Enjoy today's new moon!!!! 🙂

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