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Today's daily energy is influenced by the lingering influences of yesterday and the associated highly powerful full moon energies (Full moon in the zodiac sign Libra) embossed. In this context, this full moon was so powerful, so special, so magical and so strong that I have never felt it before, i.e. it was a real climax that could give us ultimate sensations.

The lingering influences of the full moon

I also experienced the most magical moods of all and experienced very special life circumstances, for example an extremely strong love for another person (consequently to myself - perfection - love projected onto the external world always reflects our own self-love - was able to create something wonderful/bring harmony) or even meeting a very good friend who I last saw in December (beginning of a very special time – medicinal herbs/free energy/inner rethinking/strong spiritual expansion). It felt like a completion that coincided with a new beginning, a new beginning that is now based on abundance (In keeping with this, I have also met a lot of people from previous years in the last few days. Do you feel the same way?). Ultimately, this is now more in the foreground than ever before, namely the manifestation of our highest ideas, accompanied by the experience of living conditions that are based on perfect harmony. We can therefore continue to achieve an incredible amount and I emphasize again INCREDIBLE MUCH and as a result, fully realize ourselves. The current days are very much designed for this and we can break all of our self-imposed limits (we should seize the opportunity). Well, in this context I would like to refer again to the planetary resonance frequency, which literally exploded yesterday and the day before yesterday. Planetary resonance frequency We were also affected by very strong influences for two hours, as a black bar was recorded (I still don't understand what the black bars stand for, i.e. I can no longer find the information from that time, but I still remember that these influences are very strong). At the end of the day, these influences go perfectly with yesterday's full moon (portal day) and the powerful energies that come with it. It is truly the most unique time ever and we can unleash our full potential. With this in mind, friends, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

I am happy about any support ❤ 

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