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Today's daily energy on September 19 provides us with energies that we can use to initiate some changes in our own lives. For this reason one also speaks here of energies of transformation/redemption. Ultimately, this also means the transformation/redemption of one's own problems and shadow parts that keep standing in our way and that stand in the way of realizing our own true potential.

energies of transformation

energies of transformationIn this context, many people nowadays create a reality again and again, which in turn is very disadvantageous for their own mental and spiritual well-being. You allow yourself to be dominated by mental problems, you lose yourself day after day, over and over again in the same karmic entanglements, you are subject to your own negative behavior - of which you basically know very well that these are not good for you, but you manage to do it not to change these behaviors, to break out of these sustainable living patterns. As a result, you may fall into a state of consciousness that becomes increasingly negative/shadowy in orientation. Ultimately, we block our own self-realization, or the realization of our own spiritual desires and dreams. In a way, all of this is even quite paradoxical. We are partially aware that our annoying habits, dependencies, compulsions, negative thought patterns and other negatively influenced parts stand in the way of the development of our own true self, but we still feel powerless somewhere and act completely contrary to our own innermost intentions and wishes. Well then, due to the current Age of Aquarius and the escalation of the intensity of the subtle war (EGO "vs." SOUL), a time will definitely dawn for all of us in which we initiate individual or even major changes and start with them again to reach the pinnacle of our own lives. Today's daily energy is perfect for starting again with the initiation of small changes.

Use the potential of today's daily energy and initiate a small step, a small change that will show your life a new direction..!!

Therefore, harness today's energies of transformation and begin to realize any thought that you have been wanting to realize for countless weeks/months, even years. Create a small change in your life and feel how much a small change can bring a breath of fresh air into life. With this in mind, stay healthy, content and live a life in harmony.

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