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With today's daily energy on October 19, 2022, the influences of the ninth and penultimate portal day reach us. So we have almost survived this special phase and are now at the end of the great portal crossing. We can look back on what has been a highly magical phase so far, in which many important changes have taken place within our own mind, body and spirit soul system have become manifest. It was a phase that brought with it incredibly valuable impulses and had a deep impact on our entire cellular environment.

The world is waking up from its deep sleep

The world is waking up from its deep sleepUltimately, this portal day trip was highly effective and of great importance for the entire collective. It is exactly the same as I did yesterday daily energy article I have written, corresponding portal day phases, just like new moons, full moons and the currently frequently occurring stronger solar winds, this entire cosmic interaction serves the overarching awakening process and, especially in the current extremely retrograde phase, ensures that we are all guided in a more divine direction. It's about our inner healing process. It is the development of a sacred or healing state of consciousness (for Holy of Holies state), through which we not only completely empower ourselves, but through which we also empower the world and, above all, lay the foundation for the manifestation of a holy world, because the state of the outer world always follows the state of our inner world. And right now we are at a very hot point in this regard. The collective mind or human civilization is in the process of transforming itself into a divine civilization (Ascent), i.e. a civilization that not only lives out a spiritual state characterized by holiness and limitlessness (“Avatar Abilities”), but also watches over the earth and protects it.

End the connection to the system

daily energyToday's world, designed for explosion and destruction, has the opposite effect. From the shadowy collective consciousness arises destruction, disharmony, illness and death. This circumstance is promoted in depth by the Matrix System and we ourselves, who have allowed ourselves to be bound to the system, are used to following these destructive behaviors, dogmas and views. For example, the view of being an insignificant speck of dust in the universe (instead of the original source/the holy of holies) or repeatedly indulging in addictive stimulants (instead of implementing a pure lifestyle that can lead us to a unique attitude to life - physical immortality) binds us to the destructive, to the stressful, to the limiting. Another point would be, for example, to indulge in resentment every day and to talk badly about others in a know-it-all manner (especially in the narcissistic sense), constantly judging, putting yourself above others, etc. instead of using your own life energy to create productive circumstances, circumstances that serve us all instead of putting others down, which ultimately only shows us that certain levels closed to our hearts.

The ninth portal day

Well, at the end of the day one could give countless more examples that show us the extent to which we are still energetically/mentally tied to the system, yet we are truly at the peak of this circumstance and are about to experience its end. A blessed time is on its way to us, because our inner liberation process is in full swing. And today's ninth portal day can let us feel exactly that. Just before the 10 (the tenth portal day) the end and at the same time the new beginning is initiated, we can once again remind ourselves of the importance of these days and ask ourselves to what extent we are still allowing ourselves to be burdened or even to what extent we are still allowing ourselves to be tied to the system. As I said, the energies are still designed so that we can free ourselves from burdensome structures, easier than ever, everything is designed for this. When we become fully aware of our destructive patterns and feel how they are damaging our system, then we also lay the foundation for wanting to break through these patterns. And from a purely energetic point of view, we are fully supported in relevant projects. It is by far the best time to fully realize yourself. So let's use the energies and take ourselves to a new level. Everything is possible at the moment. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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    • Nicole Niemez 19. October 2022, 7: 55

      Thank you for accompanying us through the portal days.

    Nicole Niemez 19. October 2022, 7: 55

    Thank you for accompanying us through the portal days.