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Today's daily energy on May 19, 2019 is mainly characterized by the after-effects of yesterday's full moon, which is why we can experience very special states of consciousness today. We continue to be extremely flushed, i.e. our systems are still flooded with high-frequency energy and all heavy energies are in the process of being completely detached from us.

Lingering full moon energies

Lingering full moon energiesFor this reason, everything is now moving towards states that are based on maximum abundance, because various 5D structures are increasingly being installed in the background and processes are taking place that are incredibly important for our own maturation process and for our mastery. Ultimately, that is exactly what is happening at the moment and we are going through our personal mastery, i.e. we are increasingly entering a reality in which we can release a lot of self-created blockages and, as a result, a lightness will manifest in our own mind/body/soul system let. The maximum abundance that comes with the coming summer is entirely in keeping with the current times. We can achieve great things and not only find ourselves completely, but also fully realize ourselves. The time has come and because of the prevailing magic, the most incredible possibilities are revealed to us. In this context, yesterday's full moon was, at least in my life, accompanied by a very special abundance and magic. On the one hand, I was traveling a lot at the beginning, got to know a new person better, had special conversations and on the other hand, I have my system with 2 strong medicinal herbal shakes, one of which is 750ml Primordial water/cell-permeable water was solved, taken to me. Basically, I even consumed about four liters of this extremely pure or structured water and it set incredible processes in motion. Well, yesterday's entire day was all about maximum fullness and ended with very special sensations.

Once you stop holding on to something and let things be, you will be free, even from birth and death. You will transform everything. – Bodhidharma..!!

Exactly such states will now become more and more manifest and for this reason we will experience a completely new version of ourselves in the coming days and weeks. The signs are incredibly good and we can be happy about all the processes taking place in the background. So much good is happening and we are diving more and more into our maximum strength. Great things will happen friends, I feel this with every cell in my body. The signs are getting thicker and the smokescreen that we have maintained for years is about to clear completely. As I said, great things will happen, we will work miracles. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

I am happy about any support ❤ 

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