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With today's daily energy on October 18, 2022, highly transformative influences continue to reach us, because we are still within the great portal crossing, meanwhile we have now arrived at the eighth portal day. This portal day also carries a very special energy quality and is firmly embedded in the depths of our energy system Remove blockages and heavy structures. Ultimately, this process is very noticeable, i.e. we can perceive how deep-seated conflicts are addressed and how stressful structures are “released”.

Energies of liberation

Energies of liberationJust as many of you are certainly currently experiencing this situation firsthand, I was also able to perceive this process very strongly, which was particularly expressed in the fact that I was able to free myself from a larger burden within this portal day-day phase, a burden that had been there for some time blocking my own mind and causing harm in subtle ways. Overcoming the corresponding burden came about completely intuitively, i.e. I had no intention of rethinking/changing this corresponding life structure during this portal day phase, but it came about completely intuitively. Well, at the end of the day, this is also great magic within a portal day phase. Essentially, our own energy system is strongly addressed. An interplay of cosmic radiation, which penetrates the collective spirit more easily than usual, especially during such a portal crossing, addresses our entire energetic milieu and thereby dissolves stuck structures. Unfulfilling beliefs and convictions, energetically heavy structures, conflicts, traumas and primal psychological wounds are completely processed. For this reason, we can also experience fundamental changes within our spiritual orientation in a corresponding portal day phase. Ultimately, these are phases in which the old increasingly wants to be dissolved and the new becomes manifest.

Day of ascension

Day of ascensionIn keeping with this, I would also like a section from a post on the site esistallesda.de quote, in which an article by Ramona Lappin was published. The post was so relevant that I just had to share it with you:


The old realities, stories, imprints, templates and blueprints are now completely dissolving as we let go of all that no longer serves us to activate our true divine blueprints and return to our original innocence and purity, but with the lessons learned. We have reborn ourselves as ONE, in divine, holy union with Source within the Holy Trinity. We who embody the Cosmic Christ Consciousness are the ones who are changing our realities now! All from within, through our own sacred transformation and metamorphosis. KNOW that EVERYTHING has CHANGED and that everything is now coming together and aligning for us, with any remaining patterns of disruption completely dissolving. Massive rebirth energies ensure that the resurrection as our one true self is finally completed! THE BIG REMINDER!

Well, ultimately we are in a phase in which all the old matrix structures are experiencing a strong dissolution and therefore there is no going back. Day by day we are moving more towards a great liberation and the new is fully becoming manifest. Our personal ascension is taking place and we will be completely immersed in new states. Because as I said, we all not only have the potential within us to fundamentally change the entire world, but we also have within us the power to work truly miracles or to revive miraculous states (Keyword: physical immortality). Let us therefore enjoy today's eighth portal day and remain rooted in complete basic trust. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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