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Today's daily energy on December 18, 2019 continues to be shaped by the overarching transformation energies and is all about the most significant transition that humanity has ever experienced, namely the Transition into the golden decade. In the coming decade there will be an overarching manifestation of our highest divine spirit across the entire planet/collective.

The golden transition

The golden transitionIt is through this rooting of the highest reality on our part that the possibility of a liberated planet becomes manifest. In the coming golden decade we will see the true history of humanity uncovered and everything will come to the surface. Whether secret knowledge, technologies that were previously kept under wraps (Technologies that are so amazing that they would not only immediately fundamentally change/expand the spirit of humanity, but would also make existing technologies and therefore corporations obsolete - which of course is in no way in the interests of the corresponding corporations) or even groundbreaking discoveries - in the coming decade there will be light in the darkness and we will experience a change in the current system/our inner world that we have never experienced before - it will be huge! Now and while the golden decade is just a stone's throw away, we are living through the momentous transition into this magical decade. The last days of this decade are really tough and are not only accompanied by a very strong purification/transformation of our inner world, but also by experiencing countless other conditions.

While we are currently in the most energetically significant and strongest days ever, we are constantly heading towards corresponding climaxes. Apart from Christmas Eve or the New Year, we also experience the winter solstice on December 22nd, which is already described as one of the most important events of all (more information to follow) and the new moon + the associated solar eclipse on December 26th. We can therefore be excited to see what awaits us in the coming days and, above all, how strong the energies will feel and what this will trigger in us..!!

It also feels as if we are living through everything, be it, for example, a temporary clearing out of our minds/our rooms to coincide with the closing/lockdown days (in preparation for the coming year), the reliving of old patterns/habits, - the dissolution of corresponding habits, states of calm and relaxation or even stormy and stressful states. These are the most transformational days of this decade, the energetic conclusion of this decade, the concentrated concentration of a flood of energies, which in turn feel like we completely transcend our spirit, which is why we ourselves can experience this strong experience of countless states. The magic is infinitely strong and I believe that the transition into the golden decade has never been as noticeable as it is currently. Today will certainly follow this and will also make us feel the corresponding upheaval very strongly; it is unavoidable. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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