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With today's daily energy on June 17, 2023, the preliminary influences of the new moon reach us, because tomorrow we will receive a special new moon in the zodiac sign Gemini, which in turn is opposite the sun, which is currently moving also in the zodiac constellation Gemini (the last days). For this reason we will now be granted a double air energy, which is all about communication (ruling planet Mercury) and on the other hand our solar plexus chakra will appeal strongly, but more about that will follow in tomorrow's new moon article.

Saturn turns retrograde in Pisces - The Master's Examination

daily energyNevertheless, starting today, we will experience the beginning of Saturn's retrograde in the zodiac sign Pisces. Due to this retrogression in the twelfth and especially the last sign, special processes are set in motion again. After all, I have already pointed out at this point that the Pisces/Saturn constellation, which has been affecting us for almost three years, is accompanied by a great master's test, i.e. be it in the collective or in our personal life, in these three years we will have our greatest tests experience, but which can subsequently lead us to the highest. The Pisces zodiac sign is always associated with the crown chakra, which essentially stands for our own divine connection. Saturn, in turn, is associated with structures and, above all, trials. In the years to come, therefore, we will in all likelihood see major events in the world that, while extremely systemic or chaotic in nature, will in hindsight serve to humanity re-discovering its true divine being rather than finding itself accordingly imprisoned by imposed limitations.

Great letting go process

daily energyOn the other hand, through the Saturn retrogression, we can not only reflect the past time extremely strongly, but also initiate strong processes of letting go. After all, the Pisces zodiac sign always goes hand in hand with the end of old structures. During this time, it will therefore be particularly important that we completely let go of circumstances that we have been clinging to or that we have not yet been able to solve. Be it outdated relationship patterns, toxic situations or generally stressful activities - until it becomes direct, everything will revolve around the fact that we internally detach ourselves from disharmonious circumstances or, better said, limiting mental structures. We can therefore experience a strong clarification of our field during this time. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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