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Today's daily energy on June 17, 2019 is characterized by very powerful influences, because today is full moon, to be precise full moon in the zodiac sign Sagittarius. The full moon reaches its full form at exactly 10:30 a.m. and from then on not only symbolically marks a moment of maximum fullness (Full moon = fullness – completeness), but also a new cycle.

A new cycle

Full Moon in SagittariusThis cycle began on the new moon exactly two weeks ago (The time from new to full moon always marks a cycle, - new things begin, - new structures/new consciousness, which reaches its climax on the full moon) and is now experiencing its completion. Everything that was sown at this time, everything that we experienced at this time now comes to a conclusion and is completed (we reap the fruits of our spiritual condition at the time). At this point it should also be said that the time since then felt like it had accelerated so much that it had never been the case before (accelerated time quality - due to the increasing frequencies/energies - everything is heading towards the complete rooting of current structures - being in the NOW), i.e. so much happens within just a few weeks that it's hard to put into words. During this time I also experienced very exciting states of consciousness/living circumstances. I learned a lot, was able to network with a lot of new people and, at the same time, not only increasingly reached states of abundance, but also - along with this - gained a strong awareness of various topics (detailed articles to follow). In particular, the topics of water, orgonite, origins and love/relationships reached a completely new dimension in my mind and, apart from a new understanding, I was not only able to reconcile many things in this regard, but also these topics very strongly - from a new perspective state of consciousness, grasp and feel, in some cases it was even a perfection, because before these weeks (around the new moon) these topics came up (Healing water, orgonite and a special connection) in my life, were felt, but not yet 100%, that only happened this weekend (Full moon).

Every thought sent out is a never-ending vibration that travels through the universe to bring back to us exactly what we sent out..!!

Only now has a perfection manifested itself in this regard, a very strong love and the details why this is so are phenomenal and show me the whole thing in an extremely coherent way (and as I said, the details will follow). It was therefore a very special lunar cycle that ended with me being able to transform these topics COMPLETELY into love - pure magic. Ultimately, all of this goes hand in hand with maximum fullness and also with a return connection to the origin, because on the one hand our origin is love/harmony and on the other hand everything is currently heading towards the experience of very special states of fullness. Summer is just around the corner, our original state wants to become fully manifest and because of this we can increasingly enter into natural abundance. The days themselves are so special that endless things are possible. Well, today's full moon in the zodiac sign Sagittarius can show us in a very special way what has happened since the last new moon and which topics we have been able to reconcile. He also shows us how much we have come closer to our origins and now calls on us to enter fullness. As I said, the current manifestation potential is extremely accelerated and we can immediately lay the foundations for completely new states. EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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