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Today's daily energy on February 17th, 2022 is, in keeping with the cleansing influences of February, accompanied by a real energetic storm, which is shown to us on a material level in the form of a weather storm (three lows reach us, XANDRA, YLENIA and ZYNEP). Yesterday, Wednesday, during the course of this day, we were able to experienced an increase in stronger winds or the storm depression was already building up in this regard. Today the storm is expected to hit our areas again with full force, especially the northeastern area, but generally across the entire country.

Three days of energetic orc facility

Three days of energetic orc facility

In some regions, winds or hurricane gusts of up to 140 km/h are expected, which means we are truly in for a real storm. Ultimately, a three-day phase of deep cleansing or energetic turbulence will manifest itself, because the stormy weather will continue until Friday, the day on which the last low ZYNEP will reach us for the time being. Seen in this way, the current days are accompanied by three special storm lows, which in turn represent a huge energetic discharge. And of course, artificial weather influences through Haarp and general geoengineering certainly also play a role here. As far as this is concerned, this circumstance has been occurring on a daily basis for years, and currently the extent is even enormous. For months it feels like six days a week have been dark, sometimes rainy and the sky is covered in dense gray carpets of clouds. I have never experienced this with this striking frequency before (permanently generated artificial/dark weather puts a strain on our psyche). Well, we must not ignore the fact that our earth is also in a comprehensive purification process and is rising from the density, 1:1 exactly as we all experience it ourselves. Corresponding storm depressions therefore always represent strong energetic discharges, through which our energy systems are fed with particularly clarifying frequency codes.

Cleaning in full swing

One could also speak here of an extremely strong purification circumstance. Everything is literally being stirred up, everything wants to be rearranged and, above all, everything that is unredeemed from the depths of our being wants to come to the surface so that we can create more space for lightness, holiness, peace and calm. Appropriate days of deep cleansing or, in this case, even strong inner turmoil are therefore of great importance for our own prosperity. In keeping with the month of cleaning, we continue to experience explosive moments. Shortly before the start of the New Year on March 20th (vernal equinox), along with the general month of new beginnings, we experience the dissolution of countless old structures, be it in the world or even within ourselves. We can therefore be curious to see to what extent this cleansing will continue to take place. One thing is certain: big changes are coming to us. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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