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With today's daily energy on October 16, 2022, we continue to experience the crossing of the great portal, we are now on the sixth day and are slowly but surely heading towards the end of this very powerful portal day phase. Yet we still stand (including today) five more portal days before it then into the next October influences go into it. And as far as that is concerned, October will still have a lot in store for us from a purely energetic point of view. First of all, the moon will reach its crescent shape tomorrow.


daily energyAfterwards it moves towards its new moon state, because on October 25th a powerful new moon reaches us in the zodiac sign Scorpio, a combination that generally brings with it a very supporting energy, because the zodiac sign Scorpio in particular strengthens the effect of different planets and positions from a purely energetic point of view . But the new moon will also represent a very special celebration because it is accompanied by a powerful solar eclipse. In this context, solar eclipses in particular always illuminate our entire energy system and bring hidden potential, repressed conflicts and other anchored structures to light. These are fateful phases in which we can experience important reorientations and which also significantly push the collective spirit in a new direction. Most likely, the coming solar eclipse will massively accelerate the degradation of the current matrix, which will be reflected in rapid events and global escalations. A few days later, October ends with the mystical or fourth annual lunar festival of Samhain, which is also known as a memorial festival and served to mark the coming phase of growth and renewal (spring) to ensure (To put it simply, rituals were practiced out of fear that a coming spring might not come).

Today's influences

daily energySamhain can therefore be used to ceremoniously announce a particularly pregnant spring. On the other hand, on the fourth lunar festival, the veil to the spiritual world or our inner core is significantly thinner, which ensures easier access to deeper levels of our being. It's a highly mystical festival that will end October with a concentrated energy quality. Until then, we are still experiencing the influences of the current portal day phase. In this regard, the sun is still in Libra and the moon is in the zodiac sign Cancer, which promotes very sensitive and emotionally intense states. The water sign has a very rinsing effect on our emotional life. On the other hand, from a purely numerological perspective, the sixth portal day carries the energy of harmony. For example, the number six goes with crystalline lattice structures or hexagonal patterns in nature, all of which point to a natural order. For example, all of our intra and extracellular water is arranged hexagonally. Well, the sixth portal day can also point us to our natural inner order and harmony, which needs to be restored more than ever. The manifestation of a healing or balanced state of being is still a top priority and is in full swing, especially in this powerful phase, for the healing of our inner world and consequently for the direct healing of the outer world. So let's use today's portal day and feel the special quality of energy within us. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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