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With today's daily energy on October 15, 2022, the fifth portal day has begun and we are now halfway through the ten-day series of portal days. The fifth day ushered in another energy quality. In essence, the focus is on the energy of balance. From a purely numerological point of view, five stands for the golden mean, i.e. the number in the Compensation of all circumstances stands. All forces are in balance and the energy is manifested outside of any extremes - in harmony. Today's fifth portal day shows us the universal principle of balance.

State of balance

State of balance

For this reason, we can use today's special portal day energy to guide us more deeply into our own center or even align ourselves with harmony. In this regard, everything follows universal laws. And the universal law of balance says that deep down everything strives for balance, peace and harmony, whether large or small, internal or external, this pull can be seen everywhere and, above all, felt (especially since the outer and the inner, as well as the big and small, are one). Basically, deep down, everything wants to experience a state of balance and harmony. Nevertheless, humanity or the collective spirit has allowed itself to be diverted from its inner center and mostly follows the path of explosion (instead of implosion - the entire world and its technologies are based on the principle of explosion/destruction). But our full potential lies in our golden mean, a state in which we are anchored in our origins and have everything combined within us. A state in which we no longer see the outer world and our inner world as separate, but we can experience everything as a whole. A mental state that has balance within it instead of repeatedly falling into extremes.

Water moon energies

The perfection

It is the fusion of all being. A state in which we are exactly the same God, Christ and the Holy Spirit not see it as separate, but rather be able to recognize/feel the Trinity within ourselves and also in the world, i.e. in everything that exists. Well, with today's fifth portal day we can bring things into balance. And as soon as our own energy system vibrates in a state of balance, the external world will also enter into equilibrium, because our own field shapes the world, or rather it contains the world, which is why the state of the collective is significantly influenced by our own internal state. Well, apart from these balancing influences, the moon also changes from the zodiac sign Gemini to the zodiac sign Cancer at 18:15 p.m. So the energies of the water element now affect us. In this context, the Cancer Moon can make us extremely emotional and bring our family connections to the fore. Cancer energy always goes hand in hand with a lot of empathy and also wants us to feel loved, valued and, above all, seen. In keeping with the principle of balance, hardly any zodiac energy strives for harmony as much as the zodiac sign Cancer does. It is the space in which Cancer-born people feel most comfortable or what they can deal with best. Let us therefore welcome today's lunar change and, along with the fifth portal day, let ourselves be led into a state of balance. Staying in nature, meditating and having a generally quiet/relaxing day can be very beneficial to us. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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