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Today's daily energy on May 15, 2018 is shaped on the one hand by the new moon influences and on the other hand by four different star constellations. The new moon in particular stands out, which can certainly make us emotional and let our feminine sides express themselves (due to the Taurus connection), but on the other hand also stands for renewal, new beginnings and cleansing. Otherwise one will reach us too Very special connection: Uranus moves into the zodiac sign Taurus in the early evening for seven years, which could give us strong and always surprising intuitions. The focus is also on the increase in possessions, an enjoyable life and creativity.

Today's constellations

daily energy

Moon (Taurus) opposition Jupiter (Scorpio)
[wp-svg-icons icon="loop" wrap="i"] Angular relationship 180°
[wp-svg-icons icon=”sad” wrap=”i”] Disharmonic nature
[wp-svg-icons icon="clock" wrap="i"] Becomes active at 02:07

This opposition could make us quite rebellious at night and early in the morning. This could also make us prone to extravagance and waste. In love relationships, conflicts, disadvantages or problems in general could arise. Overall, this is a very counterproductive situation, but one that shouldn't burden us for the rest of the day.

daily energy

Moon (Taurus) trine Pluto (Capricorn)
[wp-svg-icons icon="loop" wrap="i"] Angular relationship 120°
[wp-svg-icons icon=”smiley” wrap=”i”] Harmonious in nature
[wp-svg-icons icon="clock" wrap="i"] Becomes active at 08:04

Because of this trine, our emotional life can be quite pronounced, especially in the early morning and mid-morning. Our sentimental nature is also awakened. We could feel like adventures, extreme actions and traveling and moving around. It is therefore an inspiring constellation that makes us quite productive.

daily energyNew moon in the zodiac sign Taurus
[wp-svg-icons icon=”accessibility” wrap=”i”] Renewal & cleaning
[wp-svg-icons icon=”contrast” wrap=”i”] The fifth new moon
[wp-svg-icons icon="clock" wrap="i"] Becomes active at 13:47

The new moon represents renewal and, above all, the manifestation of new living conditions. Our mental orientation is very changeable and we could work on the realization of completely new projects. Otherwise, due to the Taurus connection, the new moon also represents our feelings. Relationships run harmoniously and our feminine or intuitive aspects are increasingly expressed.

daily energyUranus moves into Taurus for seven years
[wp-svg-icons icon=”accessibility” wrap=”i”] Intuition & abundance
[wp-svg-icons icon=”wand” wrap=”i”] A special constellation
[wp-svg-icons icon="clock" wrap="i"] Becomes active at 17:17

At 17:17 p.m. the planet Uranus moves into the zodiac sign Taurus for seven years and will from now on bring us influences through which we could receive strong intuitive inspiration, especially regarding the Taurus qualities. Increased possessions, an enjoyable life and strong love and creativity could now be much more present than usual. Overall, this is a very special constellation. At this point I quote a relevant section from the website newslichter.de: “The transition of a spiritual planet like Uranus into a new sign is always a powerful moment energetically, with which the quality of time also changes. Astrologically, this is one of the most striking events of 2018, especially since we have a new moon in Taurus shortly before Uranus enters the sign Taurus, which gives this moment even greater initial power. New values ​​and needs will emerge that will shape and change our personal and social lives in the coming years."

daily energy

Moon (Taurus) trine Mars (Capricorn)
[wp-svg-icons icon="loop" wrap="i"] Angular relationship 120°
[wp-svg-icons icon=”smiley” wrap=”i”] Harmonious in nature
[wp-svg-icons icon="clock" wrap="i"] Becomes active at 22:29

Late in the evening, this trine gives us great willpower, courage, energetic action, an active mood and generally a more pronounced love of truth and openness. Depending on how productive we were during the day, opportunities could open up in the evening, at least in this matter.

daily energyMoon moves into the zodiac sign Gemini
[wp-svg-icons icon=”accessibility” wrap=”i”] Inquisitive & communication
[wp-svg-icons icon=”contrast” wrap=”i”] Effective for two to three days
[wp-svg-icons icon="clock" wrap="i"] Becomes active at 22:43

The Moon, which in turn moves into the zodiac sign Gemini at 22:43 p.m., gives us more developed mental abilities for the next two to three days and makes us inquisitive and quick to react overall. We are awake and looking for new experiences and impressions. It is therefore a good time for communication of all kinds.

Geomagnetic Storm Intensity (K Index)

daily energyThe planetary K-index, or the extent of geomagnetic activity and storms, is rather minor today.

Current Schumann resonance frequency

The current Schumann Resonance frequency of the planet has already experienced some shocks or increases today. A few hours ago we received several stronger impulses that could certainly have a strong influence on our consciousness. There is also a high probability that stronger impulses will continue to reach us as the day progresses.

Influences Schumann resonance

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Today's daily energetic influences are overall very changeable in nature. On the one hand, we received several stronger impulses regarding the planetary Schumann resonance frequency. On the other hand, the renewing and cleansing influences of the new moon in the zodiac sign Taurus reach us. Appropriately, Uranus moves into Taurus today for seven years, giving the situation even greater power. It is therefore, at least from an astrological perspective, a very special day that not only brings with it a lot of potential, but also lays the foundations for the coming weeks, months and years. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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