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Today's daily energy on January 15, 2020 is mainly shaped by the Saturn/Pluto conjunction and therefore continues to lead us strongly into the limitlessness of our own divine spirit. In this context is a reality or is a divine self-image (the highest image of yourself, that you are God, - because everything in existence is based solely on ideas/images that you CREATE/CREATE for yourself - everything is based on your creative power, - EVERYTHING), yes, also with a lack of boundaries.

Everything is based on your creativity

When you are at the point where you can revive this divine image of yourself, the revival of this image simply goes hand in hand with the firm knowledge that everything can be experienced and realized. You then own a spiritual world that is geared towards maximum abundance; anything else would just represent lack, lack of knowledge, lack of divinity - self-imposed blockages and limited patterns of ideas. The manifestation of our highest divine spirit, which in turn has been favored more than ever before by the current strong energies, is therefore always accompanied by limitlessness, or rather with the breaking of all self-imposed blockages. Residual blockages and remaining fears, which on the one hand became manifest at a time when we acted from our lower self on a daily basis and on the other hand are deeply rooted in our subconscious, are then automatically resolved over time (vibrates out of our energy system - we become aware and transformed). And it is precisely this process that we will experience more and more in the coming time, day by day - i.e. the manifestation of our highest self-image, accompanied by the automatic dissolution of our own deep-seated programs.

In the past decades, humanity has lived through an insulated reality, which in turn emerged from a lower or small self. Only the beginning of collective spiritual change, which has become increasingly evident since 2012, was accompanied by the manifestation of a larger self-image. Since then, we have been going through an intensive rediscovery phase in which we not only recognize ourselves as who we have always been, but we also dissolve the biggest shadows and old programs on our part. We heal our primal wounds..!!

Well, the current energies and today's daily energy are therefore directly linked to these processes and not only continue to support us in our own self-realization, but they also ensure that we feel our highest divine spirit even more strongly and, as a result, transform and deepen old burdens heal mental wounds. Everything is currently heading towards the light and we ourselves are in the process of allowing the greatest image of ourselves to become manifest. It is the return to our own divinity, the return to our God-Self, which is announced for the current time. It is our own revelation. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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