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Today's daily energy on February 15, 2022 is mainly shaped by the energies of another portal day, to be precise it is the fourth of six portal days this month (The last two portal days reach us on February 20th and 23rd). Of course, as has been mentioned many times in the last few days, the entire month of February could be described as one big portal, that we move through with concentrated intensity to further uncover our true self. All days are accompanied by an incredibly strong cleansing and thus prepare us for the true beginning of the year on March 21st, i.e. the day on which the year changes to the sign Jupiter (based on happiness, abundance and expansion).

The CLEANING is taking place

The CLEANING is taking place

Before that, however, we have two more energetically extremely illuminating and, above all, transcending days. On the one hand, tomorrow a powerful full moon will manifest itself in the zodiac sign Leo, which will very strongly focus on our inner call to perfection, along with a state of self-empowerment. On the other hand, February 22.02.2022nd, XNUMX will generally be one of the energetically strongest days of this year. It is a date that, due to its highly special numerology or its special number synchronicity, stands for a powerful and, above all, ancient recurring force. The number two is raised to the power six times, i.e. our dualitarian structures (the two - two sides of a coin that together make one - male and female, light and shadow, inside and outside - the fusion of the duals - the true dual soul process) and a corresponding complete fusion of our separate parts within our spirit would like to take full effect. We are therefore facing a major energetic event that will be all about our self-development. It will be a celebration of energies and drastic inner vibrational raising. Highly magical hours lie ahead of us. But until then, we will of course first experience the preliminary full moon influences and of course today's portal day energies.

Leo Moon

Leo MoonIn this context, the waxing or almost complete moon is currently in the zodiac sign Leo. The strong fire sign, which calls on us to stand completely by ourselves and also to pursue the call for a truthful life, will accordingly inspire us to develop our own self-expression to a greater extent. What inner unfulfillments do you therefore carry within you? What within you feels unfulfilled and, most importantly, in which areas do you still find it difficult to express your inner self? In the current hot phase of spiritual awakening, which is also about developing our true holiness-based self, we are increasingly being asked to fully rekindle our inner fire. Tomorrow's full moon will once again raise this aspect to a very high level, because the development of our inner fire, accompanied by the devotion to our deepest spiritual desires and ambitions, needs to be lived on our part, to heal our inner world and the subsequent healing of the outer one World. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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