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Today's daily energy on December 15, 2021 brings us the beginning of an energetically very transcendent phase, as we are now passing through a ten-day portal day phase. From December 15th to 24th, we will experience the crossing of a portal that lasts ten days, which in turn holds great potential for transformation for us, i.e. a phase in which not only ours Energy systems will not only be readjusted, but we will also delve deeper into our own healing process (the process of our inner becoming whole → healing = holiness = perfection of our spirit – the ascent of our being).


10 days of TRANSFORMATIONThis phase will be given additional energy boost. These ten portal days will be accompanied by significant cosmic events. Starting with a powerful full moon in the zodiac sign Gemini, i.e. a full moon accompanied by the element of air, which stands for unity, perfection, but also the union or connection of dualitarian patterns (Yin/Yang – Femininity/Masculinity – Light/Shadow – Gemini – The outer and inner world – Unity/Equality). A full moon, which, in keeping with the Gemini zodiac sign, is also strongly associated with communicative aspects, i.e. beneficial or even important pronunciations can then be in the foreground (Purify the unredeemed through words - let out the deepest inner spiritual world). Immediately two days later, i.e. on December 21st, we reach one of the most powerful days of the year, namely the winter solstice.

The rebirth of light

The rebirth of lightApart from summer and winter solstice, there are hardly any days in the year that have such a strong fundamental frequency. As far as this is concerned, the winter solstice in particular represents the return, or rather the birth, of light, because it is the day of the year on which, on the one hand, darkness is present for the longest time (the longest night of the year), which, on the other hand, is immediately afterwards marked by days that slowly become brighter again. Immediately after the winter solstice, we head towards the recurring light or the recurring overall brightness during the day, which creates an extremely powerful energetic cycle (and symbol). And as if that wasn't enough, the ten-day portal day phase ends exactly on December 24th, i.e. on Christmas Eve. And Holy Evening also carries a very strong basic vibration, namely the information of a “Holy Evening”, i.e. the day, which in turn represents the birth of Christ or rather the birth of Christ consciousness. However, a large part of the collective primarily lets the information “holy evening” come to life in their spirit, which additionally manifests the energy of holiness and consequently healing/being whole (the power of our thoughts, feelings and words).

Ten highly magical days

Well, today we are experiencing the beginning of an extremely powerful phase. These are 10 special days in which we can pass through a great portal and experience moments full of magic, transformation and transcendence. And especially in the current quality of time, in which the old world is falling apart more and more and a great revelation is on the horizon, such days in particular are accompanied by major realignments and 5D installations in the background. Let us therefore welcome the first day of the portal and also look forward to these special 10 days. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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