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daily energy

With today's daily energy on October 14, 2023, an extremely powerful event will reach us, because in the evening, i.e. around 18:00 p.m., an annular solar eclipse will reach us. The partial eclipse begins at 17:03 p.m., the complete eclipse is reached around 20:00 p.m. and the solar eclipse ends at 22:56 p.m. This is why we reach out Today is a cosmic event that will in turn have an incredible impact and will bring forth deeply hidden shadows. From a purely planetary point of view, an annular solar eclipse can also be compared with a total solar eclipse, only the distance of the solar eclipse The Moon to Earth is so large that it does not completely obscure the Sun, which is why only the outer edge of the Sun is visible.

Fateful energies

daily energyHowever, the intensity is also very strong. Solar eclipses are generally always accompanied by a highly transformative effect. It is an ancient energy quality that, on the one hand, releases our innermost potential and, on the other hand, activates hidden potential within our own field or, in particular, even wants to make it visible. Be it primal conflicts through which we are closely linked to our primal psychological wounds, serious occupations or even deep longings and desires that we have long repressed, a solar eclipse completely illuminates our system and can bring about anything (Easy → show us our progress or difficult → show our unfulfilled parts). For this reason, we often speak of days on which not only an ancient transformational force affects us, but also a fateful vibration. Events that happen on such a day carry a special meaning for the life to come. Essentially, pure magic has an effect on us. It is the examination of our energy system, through which we can experience fundamental changes - changes through which we will take a completely new path in life. Everything that shouldn't be or that clings to us can now experience a strong release.

Churning influences

Churning influencesFor this reason, solar eclipse days can be perceived as very intense, turbulent or even stressful. As a rule, countless suppressed emotions and patterns emerge on these days. Often there are extremely deep-seated emotions, i.e. pent-up conflicts on our part, which we have never faced and which we want to break through completely on days like this and often do. So we are confronted with a serious issue, for example a major inconsistency in our lives, which we now need to face so that we can subsequently manifest a more liberated life. I myself have experienced one or two miracles on days like this. So it happened, especially during an eclipse last year, that something very stressful, but nevertheless significant, emerged that changed the circumstances of my life. For this reason, we can be curious to see what fateful influences will reach us this year. One thing is certain, it will be highly magical and essentially healing for us. With that in mind, let's welcome today's annular solar eclipse. Important processes are in motion in the background. Stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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