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With today's daily energy on October 14, 2022, the influences of the fourth portal day are mainly reaching us. Thus the fourth day of the great passage through the portal has begun and we can continue to experience the primal influences of this deep-cleansing phase. Everything wants to rearrange itself and all old structures are inevitably coming to an end. Along with the fourth portal day In this regard, we are also heading even more towards the collapse of the old world. All structures based on oppression, denial, limitation and gravity are about to end and we are in the midst of a major paradigm shift. These are the last breaths.

The last breaths of the old world

The last breaths of the old worldAnd with the last breaths of the old world, we also experience the last breaths of our old world. As I said, everything that happens in the external world or our perception of the external world with all its progress, events, discords and restructuring mainly reflects our internal restructuring. Based on the state of the external world, or rather based on the state within the external world, we can recognize our current state (a circumstance that applies just the same in reverse). This may often sound disastrous at first, because many people directly focus on wars, grievances and other critical global circumstances (and then ask yourself, to what extent am I reflecting that?). But if we look between or behind these images, then we see that these are all signs that represent a world that is about to end. These are the final rearing and preparations for Großevents that mark the complete demise of the existing sham system, or rather the current sham system. We see induced chaos, which in turn will result in the shutdown of the old system, we are in the middle of this process. The external world is therefore about to end and essentially reflects to us the end of our old inner world, i.e. the end of our old state of consciousness, which in turn is characterized by burdensome and limiting dogmas, beliefs, convictions, world views, behavior, internal conflicts and general ones based on gravity-based structures. It is a limited state that also comes with a closed heart and, moreover, with actions that are tied to the matter/the system (Addiction, striving for dark success, dependencies, etc.).

The new world is emerging

The new world is emergingWe are in the midst of this phase of upheaval. We are experiencing the end of the old system and also the end of our limited condition. And the more we work on ourselves and initiate the beginning of a liberated state of consciousness based on heart energy, the sooner we will experience these changes in the outer world. The current world is a product of our minds. Our own awakening process has initiated the awakening in the world. Consequently, we can experience a special material adaptation process, i.e. matter (Outer world), which has been around for a long time (since the beginning of our awakening process) has adapted and continues to adapt to our inner woke/waking world. As I said, never forget that we ourselves are the source from which everything flows. And we ourselves as a source contain the entire existence (the entire field). In exactly the same way, the external world, as a direct image of our source existence, represents the source itself, that is the big picture, the special network of creation that everyone can become aware of and that also aligns our own spirit with the state of complete healing. Let us therefore celebrate today's powerful daily energy precisely from this impulse. The fourth portal day continues to carry an ancient energy and wants to free us from our self-created prisons. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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