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Today's daily energy on December 14, 2018 is still characterized on the one hand by the moon, which in turn changed to the zodiac sign Pisces yesterday, and on the other hand by the fact that today is a portal day. For this reason, the influences of the “Pisces Moon” could also become more evident, i.e. a dreamy, emotional and sensitive mood, which may become much more noticeable.

Portal day influences

daily energyAs already mentioned in yesterday's daily energy article, we could therefore experience an intense mental life and consequently immerse ourselves in our own inner world. The portal day aspect in particular can intensify this situation, because portal days are generally accompanied by a special energy quality, i.e. energetic movements, which in turn hold a special potential for us. In this context, days like these accelerate the current collective change and take us once again into the depths of our being. But what does it exactly mean?! Ultimately, many old structures are dissolving these days, creating more space for high-frequency states. Day by day, more and more people are confronted with their own origins, i.e. a beginning connection to spiritual topics (knowledge about one's own mind, one's own creation) is established and, on the other hand, the view of the current world changes as a result . In doing so, humanity becomes much more sensitive and sees through all circumstances/conditions that are based on injustice, low frequencies, unnaturalness and EGO structures (structures far away from basic divinity - peace, harmony, nature, love, spirit, etc.).

The mind is everything - whatever you think, you become. - Buddha..!!

Corresponding days therefore always serve as an initial spark in the current phase of collective awakening. For this reason, we can also achieve special self-knowledge on appropriate days and possibly experience a change in our own beliefs.

Special insights

daily energy This is exactly how our view of the world can change, and “magical” moments can be experienced more intensely. A circumstance that also happened to me yesterday. After a long time, I had another very philosophical evening with my brother, in which we were able to gain or feel fundamental insights, especially with regard to wild plants/wild herbs, forests and peace/restlessness. For example, we wanted to add “meadow grass” (there are countless different types of grass and some are edible + rich in countless vitamins, minerals, trace elements/enzymes) to our medicinal herbal shakes. As has been mentioned many times recently, I have been drinking medicinal herbal shakes for several weeks (freshly harvested from the forest – nettle, blackberry leaves, chickweed, ground gunder), which have given me incredible clarity/vitality. Since everything is a spiritual expression and every plant also represents an individual spiritual expression and, in parallel, represents a completely unique coding, soul and also an individual life, when you consume it you absorb the spirit or soul/information of the corresponding plant.

Love animals, love all plants and all things! If you love everything, the mystery of God will be revealed to you in all things, and you will ultimately embrace the whole world with love - Fyodor Dostoyevsky..!!

When it comes to our food, liveliness is the most important aspect (natural/light/high frequencies that we absorb) and apart from different nutrient compositions, the individual mind is also in the foreground, which then, especially on a mental/energetic level, carries out various processes in our own Energy field triggers. The nature of the nettle, for example, is completely different than that of a blackberry bush. And we felt this circumstance, i.e. the individual living/spiritual expression of different plants, very deeply (it's similar with trees or even mushrooms, which also have a perfect gesture).

The return to calm

daily energyWell, when harvesting and consuming corresponding wild plants, we also absorb the spirit of the corresponding plant. The addition of another plant is therefore also accompanied by the addition of a different creative expression or a different spirit (a different liveliness) and this in turn has an influence on our own existential expression, because everything we do, experience and Consequently, consuming also flows into our charisma (Imagine two completely identical people who suddenly take different paths, consume different things, legitimize different thoughts in their minds. After a certain time, both would look/act slightly different because the different experiences have influenced their charisma/appearance - our spirit is expressed through our exterior, from the inside out). It is another aspect that is experienced primarily in one's own energy system. And in this respect, at least in relation to wild plants, another special aspect is expressed and that is that the consumption of these plants, due to their liveliness, triggers a certain calm/clarity in us. How could it be otherwise? When we humans, as spiritual/spiritual beings, return to our center, this is automatically accompanied by a feeling of balance/calm. And these wild plants follow the principle because they originated in a forest, a place of peace (We feel very comfortable in forests, especially because we are surrounded by peace, liveliness and naturalness - which is also a reason why daily meditations demonstrably change our own brain activity, because during meditation we find peace instead of mental chaos experienced - Meditation, practiced daily, flows into our charisma over time, because it is then an action that represents an aspect of our reality/our life). It is pure life that we feed ourselves and that brings the body's own + subtle processes into balance, which means we experience more inner peace, especially since all of the body's own functionalities work better + deficiencies are eliminated - vital substance density).

Silence allows sound to exist. It is the unmanifest part that deeply belongs to every sound, every note, every song, every word. The unmanifest is present in this world as silence. – Eckhart Tolle..!!

Finished products, in turn, trigger an inner unrest because, due to their unnaturalness (and other aspects), they unbalance countless of the body's own processes (apart from the fact that such foods are produced in factories, surrounded by noise, restlessness and lovelessness). In the long run, we feel worse, become sicker, more restless, experience lower self-esteem, notice that consumption influences our charisma in the long term and all of this is accompanied by mental restlessness (“you worry about things”). The same applies to the entire system, which is ultimately built on unrest/unnaturalness (whether jobs we don't like, various addictive substances - tobacco, coffee, finished products, unnatural substances sugar, etc. or even blocking beliefs/beliefs). Well, ultimately you could describe the whole thing in more detail, but this article should also come to an end. Finally, I would like to go back to today's portal day and make it clear that it holds very special potential for us. We also received stronger influences regarding the planetary resonance frequency (see picture below), which once again expresses the special energy quality. daily energyYou can really feel the special nature of the current phase and I therefore continue to maintain that so many incredible things can happen to us at the moment. We are in the midst of a period of transition and may experience unique circumstances. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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