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daily energy

With today's daily energy on October 13, 2022, the influences of the third portal day and thus generally the overarching influences of the energetically powerful portal crossing reach us. Fundamental limiting structures and borders on our part experience a deep processing and want to be dissolved in the core, for the elevation/healing of our own inner world and consequently to the elevation/healing of the external world. More than ever we are asked to face our most fundamental inner conflicts in order to be able to feel the unity of everything again (The unity/wholeness within our all-encompassing field) or to be able to live out unity on all levels every day.

Inner liberation

The third portal dayEither way, our own becoming whole is completely in the foreground and within this current portal day phase, this completion process is taken to a new level. And of course, in general you could say that we are already complete. In fact, we already have everything within us in this regard. All structures, circumstances, possible circumstances, information, energies, images, colors, sounds, information, wisdom, objects, universes, people, truly everything is in our own field, all of it (the entire existence) includes, yes, in itself even represents everything, embedded. Things that are not currently manifest, conceivable or even experienced in our own minds still exist as possible liveable/vibration around which our own conscious mind can expand again. Nevertheless, living out a conflictual or even disharmonious state of being does not feel like completeness, but rather like lack and suffering. Ultimately, we carry everything within us at every second or are everything, but there are states of consciousness through which we cannot perceive this perfection, simply because an imbalance prevails. For this reason, it is becoming increasingly important that we, along with our awareness and feeling of our own wholeness (outer and inner world = one – you are not separated from anything), create a fulfilling living situation for ourselves in which we primarily free ourselves from all the limiting aspects that in turn dominate our own minds. And with today's third portal day, we will move even more towards this liberation.

Moon in the zodiac sign Gemini

Moon in the zodiac sign GeminiWell, on the other hand, the moon changed to the zodiac sign Gemini at 07:11 a.m. So the moon is now once again in this very changeable, communicative and above all airy zodiac sign (whose ruling planet is Mercury). In combination with the sun, which is also still in the air sign Libra, this results in a constellation that truly wants to raise our own spirit into the sky. Instead of allowing ourselves to be trapped in the same rhythms, our own freedom is in the foreground. On the other hand, the Gemini Moon gives us an energy for three days that can make us extremely communicative and very joyful. Together with its direct ruling planet Mercury, this also results in a mixture that emphasizes a certain openness and sociability. Our two sides (duals/extremes) would like to be brought into harmony. In this regard, the Gemini zodiac sign also tends to go to extremes. One often speaks of two changing faces that take on the twin. Today's portal day is truly the perfect opportunity to create good communicative ground and find your own inner center even more. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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