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new moon

With today's daily energy on November 13th, 2023, we are mainly affected by the influences of today's new moon in the zodiac sign Scorpio (at 10: 27 clock), opposite which the sun is in the zodiac sign Scorpio. For this reason, an extremely intense quality of energy is manifest. After all, within a Scorpio phase, as has often been mentioned, plants and trees in nature have the highest energy and nutrient density (In fact, the density is at its greatest during a Scorpio full moon). On the other hand, the Scorpio quality is accompanied by extremely changing aspects (the changing principle of death and rebirth - ruling planet Pluto).

New moon in Scorpio

New moon in ScorpioWell, just because of this combination, i.e. the sun and moon today (new moon) are in Scorpio, a very strong intensity awaits us. In this regard, the last few days could also be perceived as very stormy and demanded a lot from us. In my life, for example, I was confronted with some hidden topics and sometimes experienced a few moments in which I reflected on various past circumstances, sometimes in a very stormy way. Today's new moon therefore follows directly on from the last days, basically even from the last eclipse, and brings a deep process to an end in which we have dealt with all sorts of suppressed inner conflicts, traumas and problems. On today's climax day we could come into contact with corresponding patterns again in depth. In this regard, the Scorpio zodiac sign also releases what is hidden from within and wants to bring everything to the surface. The scorpion stands for pure transformation and, as already mentioned, initiates death and creation processes (End and new beginning). In direct contrast to the zodiac sign Pisces, which likes to keep secrets and has so much to do with itself, Scorpio wants to bring everything to light. Sometimes this happens in a very unpleasant way. The scorpion literally stings with its stinger and brings suppressed things to the surface.

Pure transformation

New moon in ScorpioToday's new moon can therefore bring a lot to light and truly initiate a new circumstance or a new state of consciousness. And since the new moon is in close conjunction with Mars and in opposition to Uranus, it also brings with it extremely stormy potential. Transformation therefore comes first and is completely about the manifestation of our personal freedom. All issues that prevent us from doing so and that make us feel limited, limited, trapped and therefore not free, want to be let go or healed so that our true being can emerge. So let's welcome today's very intense new moon and embrace this quality of energy. Pure magic and transformation reaches us. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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