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Today's daily energy on July 13, 2021 ties directly into yesterday's day and continues to lead us through a powerful portal as we are now experiencing the influences of the second portal day. This year's July, which as in the past two daily energy articles When addressed, it leads us very strongly into our own origins and will therefore continue to permeate us today with its special energy quality while delivering powerful information to our mind/body/spirit system. After all, everything is forming anew in the current days and we are being massively asked to fully exploit our divine potential.

The second portal day – heart portal

heart portalFor this reason, we are currently being flooded with a wealth of restructuring impulses and are experiencing tremendous circumstances of coincidence, i.e. moments in which we suddenly rethink our own current circumstances. In these days, the overarching manifestation of our own origins is knocking at the door more than ever. As a result, we are now more than ever offered the opportunity to break out of our self-created dark 3D cycles, because the strong frequency situation truly clears everything and also wants to change everything in us that does not belong to our deepest divine self (the highest/holiest self, from which only a holy/healed/perfect world can arise - as so often mentioned, the image of yourself is significantly involved in what you in turn experience/attract/create on the outside). One could also speak of a strong opening of the heart, which is taking place particularly in this year's summer months. Finally, a darkened heart is also one of the greatest dark ailments prevalent in many people's systems. But a closed heart massively blocks our energetic flow. In exactly the same way, we prevent ourselves from the manifestation of abundance on all levels of existence, because if we are very judgmental, for example, we keep focusing on lack or supposedly bad things, if we ourselves repeatedly grant our energy to the dark in this way, if we fundamentally reject new knowledge when we judge others, who in turn carry ideas that are not like ours (this applies to both/all sides) when we repeatedly go into states of anger (E.g. on the system), Fear (E.g. lack of basic trust, fear of dark plans, etc.) remain, then we ourselves allow darkness to exist over our hearts and that in turn puts a strain on the entire collective (for you yourself are the collective - there is no separation, all is one).

Planetary Frequency

Ultimately, therefore, opening our hearts and aligning them with the best of circumstances/conditions is a sacred act that draws us to true circumstances. As I said, how are we supposed to attract love or even abundance if we ourselves keep coming out of love and then pointing the finger at others, imbued with dark energy. We should bathe in abundance if we keep looking at lack or even the circumstances of lack. Regardless of the fact that the experience of the dark was/is of great importance for our own prosperity, it is still important to understand that the dark only becomes more alive when we direct our gaze at the dark, and only then do we let go of it Revive reality in the dark, bsp. currently the shadow-heavy system can continue to flourish. Shifting our focus/energy is therefore crucial. We choose which world we allow to thrive. This is an immeasurable power, one of the greatest abilities of our creative spirit, that we can all use wisely. And if we do that, then soon a golden world arises, born within our holy/sanctified/healed mind. Well then, today's portal day will again have a fundamental influence on our hearts and show us the way even more. The fact that the planetary resonance frequency is still experiencing a massive impact today only further illustrates the enormous power of today.Planetary frequency impact Let us therefore use the energy of the day and see our inner darkness or even shadow-heavy focus and then transform it. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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