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solar eclipse

Today's daily energy on July 13, 2018 is mainly shaped by the influences of a new moon and, as a result, a partial solar eclipse, which is why energetic influences of the very finest will reach us. In this context, one also speaks of a partial solar eclipse when the umbra of the Moon misses the Earth and as a result only the penumbra falls on the Earth's surface. This happens when the moon positions/moves between the sun and the earth, but only obscures part of the sun (in a total solar eclipse, the sun would be completely darkened/obscured).

A partial solar eclipse reaches us

solar eclipseIt should be said that a solar eclipse (just like a lunar eclipse) is said to have very special potential. People also like to say that something deeply hidden within us can arise, i.e. “eclipses” are generally about recognizing our own deep-seated blockages and mental structures. Countless disharmonious behaviors or beliefs (programs), energetic patterns and inner conflicts, which we usually repress or which simply completely escape our perception as a whole, can come to the fore again and not only wake us up, but also for initiation responsible for profound changes that allow us to take a new direction in our lives. Most of the time it is our own undiscovered or rather unnoticed inner conflicts that have a negative influence on us every day, and even cause us to feel a lack of life energy within us. Today and the next few days therefore serve entirely our own further development and the discovery and cleansing of our own emotional wounds. The days before and after an “eclipse” are usually quite significant, which is why, as just mentioned, the following days can also play an important role. At this point I'll also quote a section from the website esistallesda.wordpress.com, more precisely from an article that was about the partial solar eclipse:

The ongoing intense energies of July will invite us all to go deeper than before into our shadows, into our emotional bodies, in connection with our physical bodies, into our metasoul/other lifetimes/timelines. This exploration will be done with MUCH love and support from the Divine Mother, in whatever planetary, etheric/divine and even human form you wish to experience the Divine Feminine. She, the Divine Feminine, turns up the temperatures, she fuels the flame of life, she brings the light...in each and everyone... and is there with her constant and faithful heart to witness the tender aftereffects of this progressive transformation into the NEW greet.

Ultimately, it is primarily about allowing new living conditions to become manifest and letting go of the old or allowing it to be, a process that is taking on ever greater features, especially in the current process of spiritual awakening, and, above all, is becoming increasingly important. Well, apart from the partial solar eclipse, it should also be said that on July 27th there will be a total lunar eclipse (the “full” moon will enter the shadow of the Earth), apparently this will be the longest total lunar eclipse of the 21st century , which is why we have another special event coming up. At the end of the day, you can say that this July is a very special month overall. On the one hand, we received a ten-day series of portal days, and on the other hand, a partial solar eclipse and the longest total lunar eclipse of this century.

The righteous man avoids and abhors injury to living beings, lies and slander. He speaks the truth and is innocent towards people. He speaks words that create unity. – Buddha..!!

All of these influences definitely speak for a pretty energetic and, above all, inspiring month. Well, last but not least, it should be said that apart from the partial solar eclipse, two star constellations reach us. On the one hand, at 03:43 a.m. an opposition between the Moon and Pluto took effect, which stood for a one-sided and extreme emotional life and on the other hand A square between the Moon and Uranus will take effect at 23:10 p.m., through which we could, at least at this time, react in an willful, fanatical, exaggerated, irritable and capricious manner; at least, corresponding moods could be favored if we are generally mentally unwell today are all too up to date. The moon also changes to the zodiac sign Leo in the evening (19:30 p.m.), which means our self-confidence, creativity and creativity can be in the foreground in the next few days. On the other hand, the “Leo Moon” could also make us feel a penchant for self-expression and external representation. Nevertheless, it should be said that the influences of the partial solar eclipse will definitely predominate. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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Moon Constellations Source: https://www.schicksal.com/Horoskope/Tageshoroskop/2018/Juli/13

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