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Today's daily energy on January 13, 2019 is still shaped by the moon, which in turn is in the zodiac sign Aries and gives us influences through which we could feel a significantly increased inner drive within us (a circumstance that I already felt yesterday, by the way, was full of energy). This would also enable us to react quickly and decisively to any situation in life and pursue a need for independence, personal responsibility and freedom.

Accelerate collective change

Accelerate collective changeIn this context, these influences also fit perfectly with the general current mood, which in 2019 and especially the first 13 days were/are so much characterized by upheaval and completely new living conditions, so that we are pursuing corresponding needs in a special way can. The creation of new structures is also supported by a generally stronger energy quality, so in the last few days we have also had stronger influences regarding the planetary resonance frequency and some smaller disturbances in the earth's magnetic field. Yesterday we also had stronger influences in this regard for 6 hours (see picture below - source: Russian Space Observing Center). Influences regarding the planetary resonance frequencyYou can really feel how much everything is moving towards new circumstances and how much we can free ourselves from old patterns. As already mentioned in the daily energy article the day before yesterday, after countless years, I was able to let go of many old structures; it was even an important conclusion in my life that could only now be completed. After all the past stormy months, somehow everything was moving towards this and it made it clear to me personally how much we can currently develop mentally and spiritually and, above all, how strong we are, as a result of this true nature, consisting of abundance, peace, freedom, love and permanent residence in the present. The whole thing will come to a head again, especially since a very intense full moon will reach us on January 21st (lunar eclipse & blood moon + portal day - strong energy quality). On this day there will 100% be some stronger inflows reaching us again.

Anyone who knows the goal can decide. Whoever decides finds peace. Anyone who finds peace is safe. If you are sure, you can think about it. Anyone who thinks about it can improve – Confucius..!!

Well, until the time comes, we should continue to pursue our everyday pursuits and, if necessary, surrender to calmness or act from calmness. Especially in these stormy times, it is balm for our soul (and all our cells) if we switch off a little and relax our entire system. Well, finally, I would like to point out a new video of mine in which I explored the question of how we can accelerate collective awakening and, above all, how we should deal with fellow human beings who are in no way open to all of these topics are. As always, link the video below. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

I am happy about any support 🙂 

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