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Today's daily energy on April 12, 2018 is mainly characterized by the moon, which in turn changed to the zodiac sign Pisces yesterday evening, at 20:39 p.m. to be precise, and since then has given us influences that make us sensitive, dreamy and introverted could be. Since today is also a portal day and the electromagnetic influences are currently very pronounced overall, the influences of the Pisces moon could be strengthened. On the other hand, two more harmonious star constellations are affecting us, one of which will be effective for two days.

Moon in Pisces

Moon in PiscesIn this context, starting at 14:17 p.m., a sextile between the Moon and Saturn (in the zodiac sign of Capricorn) will take effect, which can put us in a fairly responsible and organizational mood. Difficult tasks or duties that we have been neglecting lately may therefore come to the fore. On the other hand, thanks to this constellation, we could pursue goals with care and deliberation. At 18:26 p.m., the previously mentioned two-day constellation becomes active again, namely a sextile between Venus (in the zodiac sign Taurus) and Neptune (in the zodiac sign Pisces), through which we, at least if we direct our attention to it or with the energies resonate, could have a refined emotional and emotional life. This constellation could also make us much more receptive to beauty, art and music and show much more empathetic traits. On the other hand, we reject everyday and ordinary things. Apart from these constellations, however, it should be said that the influences of the "Pisces Moon" predominate today. For this reason, we can be very dreamy and as a result direct our attention to our own dreams or to various thoughts.

Today's daily energy is mainly influenced by two factors, on the one hand by the moon in the zodiac sign Pisces and on the other hand by the high-frequency influences of the portal day..!!

In doing so, we could lose ourselves in thoughts, which is why the world around us can actually start to "dwindle". On days when the moon is in the zodiac sign Pisces, you dedicate yourself more to your own soul and your own thoughts (losing in the state of being), or rather to the whole of your own world/reality.

Intense Energies – Portal Day

Intense Energies - Portal DayOn the other hand, "pisces moons" can make us very emotional and trigger increased compassion in us. Our empathic abilities therefore develop, which not only enables us to put ourselves in the shoes of other people much better, but also allows us to act more sensitively and be more compassionate. Judgments may be nipped in the bud and our mental qualities come to the fore. Due to the "Pisces Moon" our intuition is now also in the foreground, which is why we do not evaluate circumstances or everyday situations in general purely analytically. Instead of acting purely from our male/mind-oriented parts, our own heart intelligence is now developed and we listen more/trust more to our inner voice. Well then, parallel to the moon in the zodiac sign Pisces, strong energetic influences reach us due to the portal day. For that matter, the electromagnetic-resonance influences of the last few days have also generally been quite strong (look here: Strong energies, electromagnetic influences still high) and it looks like the influences will be pretty strong today as well, even though I don't have the relevant data right now (at the time of writing this article), but the probability is very high. Either way, due to the Portal Day, 100% strong energies reach us, which is why our own thoughts and sensations can be intensified.

Due to stronger electromagnetic influences, the last few days have been very intense. Not only could we feel much more exhausted or even slightly depressed, but we could also gain important self-knowledge..!!

This is exactly how the aforementioned influences are reinforced. Ultimately, we are therefore faced with a very stormy and intense daily circumstance today, in which not only our mental life, but even emotional issues as a whole can be in the foreground. Retreat and rest could therefore be very inspiring under certain circumstances. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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Moon Constellations Source: https://www.schicksal.com/Horoskope/Tageshoroskop/2018/April/12

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