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With today's daily energy on October 11, 2022, we are being led directly into a powerful portal phase, because from today on we will reach 10 portal days in a row. Thus, until October 20th we will experience an extremely transcendent or consciousness-changing phase, which not only allows us to penetrate very deeply into our own highest being, but also announces a one and a half week period in which we can fundamentally change old structures.

In keeping with this, we are now again in a waning moon phase that will last until October 25th, when we will reach an energetically very transformational new moon in the zodiac sign Scorpio.

Ten portal days in a row

Ten portal days in a rowTwo days ago we were hit by the extremely strong influences of the Aries full moon (I have rarely found a full moon day to be so intense. The night before I almost couldn't sleep at all, which is why I felt completely exhausted on the day of the full moon, for example) and now we are once again in the next energetic peak phase. And this phase will take us almost until the upcoming Scorpio New Moon. So October will continue to be full of magic and have special experiences in store for us. After all, portal days represent special days when we pass through a large gate to another world. What this essentially means is the change into other states of consciousness. The veils are thinner, which means that transitions into completely different states of consciousness take place much more easily, i.e. states of consciousness that are characterized by completely different structures. In this context, our own current state of consciousness also represents a complete world. A world that contains all of our feelings, thoughts, beliefs, beliefs, views and, at its core, even the entire current orientation of existence, because existence is in our mind /Consciousness embedded, she is our spirit. Our own consciousness/our field/ourselves expands every day to include new sensations, impressions and information, which changes the fundamental orientation of our inner world. With the current portal day phase, a time is beginning in which we can experience and manifest a significant change in our world.

Taurus Moon energies

Taurus Moon energiesWe pass through a portal that lasts ten days and wants to take us into a completely different state of consciousness, i.e. into a different world. Be it personally or even collectively, fundamental realignments can take place in the next 10 days. The phase will be extremely sensitive. And shortly after this phase we will experience the powerful influences of the Scorpio new moon, which will also be accompanied by a solar eclipse. October therefore continues to carry concentrated power and completely envelops us in its magic. The month will then end with the special lunar festival of Samhain (one of the four annual lunar festivals), which ushers in the new Celtic year at this time every year. Well, today's first portal day is once again characterized by a balancing and, above all, grounding energy quality. The sun is still in the zodiac sign Libra, which means that the balance of forces is in the foreground. The moon has been in position again since yesterday evening (23:05) in the zodiac sign Taurus, which gives us a very persistent and grounding quality. During the first major portal crossing, the prevailing sun/moon forces would like to ask us to enter the great recalibration with calm, level-headedness and steadfastness. Let us therefore accept today's energies with calm and use the portal crossing that is now taking place to step into our own inner center. As I said, the world only becomes a new world when we ourselves revive the new in our inner world. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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