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Today's daily energy on February 11, 2019 continues to be shaped by strong influences, because today represents the fourth portal day of a ten-day portal day phase. Influences reach us that can literally flush through our entire system. As a result, we can be confronted with all sorts of inner patterns (programs), which can be extremely helpful for our own flourishing.

Purging energies?!

Purging energiesWithin the current phase, which feels more intense than it has been for a long time (suitable for the highly transformative and cleansing year 2019), we can therefore experience a wide variety of moods and also come to groundbreaking self-knowledge. The moods do not necessarily have to be disharmonious in nature, on the contrary, our own spiritual orientation or what we resonate with spiritually naturally flows into it. For me, the beginning of this phase happened like yesterday Daily Energy Article mentioned in detail, expressed in an illness, i.e. sore throat (and what comes with an infection/lack of energy, exhaustion, tiredness, etc.). It felt as if my system had been flushed out in a special way and not only did I become more aware of internal conflicts than before, but I was also able to experience illness again after years (I have hardly gotten sick at all for years or since the beginning of my spiritual awakening). Yesterday I experienced a severe sore throat that lasted the whole day, but which subsided from hour to hour, but ultimately only for one day, which was unusual, because previously such a circumstance accompanied me for days, this time I only had the pain for one Day. So much “slime” came off in places that I had the feeling that it would all come off in one day (apart from my mental orientation and other measures, thanks to the medicinal herbs, true medicine). Because of this and the associated strong relief of my pain, I was convinced that I would be completely cured today. Well, in the end that was only true to a limited extent.

Nature is the best pharmacy – Sebastian Kneipp..!!

In any case, the sore throat had completely disappeared, which is why I thought I was cured at the beginning of the day. However, over the course of the day I noticed that my organism was still affected, i.e. I experienced temperature fluctuations and towards the evening an increased temperature, i.e. fever, accompanied by slight chills. Well, despite that, i.e. that my organism was still affected, I still felt a general improvement and am still amazed at how quickly I went through an illness this time and also what self-knowledge that brought with it. I am therefore grateful for this experience. Well, the strong influences can currently transport countless patterns into our daily consciousness and also really flood our organism. Of course, we can also experience high moods and feel extremely alive, but the opposite can also be experienced, which is why it makes sense to indulge in peace and nature. Light food (Medicinal herbs, sprouts, vegetables - lively/nutrient-rich food, etc. and not too much of it overall - to relieve the strain on our system) and lots of water or fresh herbal teas should then benefit our condition. With this in mind, friends, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

I am grateful for any support 🙂 

Joy of the day on February 11, 2019 – Your relationship with others is a reflection of yourself
joy of life

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