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With today's daily energy on February 10, 2022, we continue to move through the extremely cleansing and transformative month of February while continuing to experience profound changes and detachments within our own energy system. More and more shadows, which in turn weigh on our hearts and deny us the opportunity to revive a state of absolute purity and mastery, become clearer and expose our true being more and more. The month of February, or especially this February in the third year of the golden decade, is hard to beat in terms of intensity. Our entire systems are truly completely flushed through, i.e. we are massively cleaned, which means that a lot of unresolved things need to be clarified.

Deep cleaning of our energy system

Deep cleaning of our energy systemAs I said, this process, i.e. the profound cleansing of our minds, is also an inevitable consequence of the current era of awakening and is of utmost importance for the entire human civilization so that together we can increasingly dissolve the anchoring within density. In this regard, the collective wants to rise up and accordingly unleash its greatest potential, which ultimately leads to the return of the Most Holy State relates (the highest self-image - state as source - anchoring within the divine presence). It is precisely for this reason that we repeatedly go through phases in which heavy energies are released from our systems, which in turn creates more space for lightness and allows us to realign ourselves internally. And in this month of cleansing, this process is at its peak (on the 16th, i.e. the full moon day and especially February 22.02.2022nd, XNUMX, will once again represent special key days within this cleansing phase). The deep cleansing of our entire energy and cell environment is comparable to a strong detoxification. Just like we do through a targeted detoxification (usually through a natural diet in combination with fasting and taking appropriate supportive remedies) can get into the depths of our tissue or we can remove firmly anchored and difficult-to-remove substances from the depths of our tissue (which subsequently makes our organism significantly more efficient), then truly deep-seated blockages and shadows on our part should now be released so that we can still become more capable of allowing the divine and all its special qualities to come to life in us. In keeping with this, I would also like a special recited text from the page esistallesda.de share with you:  

“I have been waiting for the right moment to release this information. And today that moment has come. Of course, there are new dimensional portals every day, and more and more, but in this month of February there are so many. You could say that the entire month is a huge multidimensional portal. The dimensional openings concentrated from the 2nd to the 22nd are at their limit. What does that mean? They reach dilation peaks that exceed the previously used threshold value. This is because the planet's frequencies are increasingly matching the frequencies of our greatest source of energy: the central sun. The “shining eye” of the galaxy.

They are in tune with each other because the frequency of the planet is now also nourished by the soul vibrations of those who awakened and were activated before the Earth nourished us to help us awaken to consciousness. The energy is so high. And it forces you to shed your “old skin”. This is why the “little deaths” of the ego occur constantly within our illusory reality – the personality. Parts of us die that never actually belonged to us. Information related to the family and collective karma that settles in our wounds. All these burdens must be given up by first healing ourselves from the lack of love. The liberation of the ancestors through forgiveness. And finally, by freeing ourselves and breaking the last chains that still bind us to them in suffering. These are the basic steps to open our hearts to the new energy and allow it to come in so that these days of full light are an absolute purification. This subtle cleansing destabilizes those who have much to heal because it is intense and very quick, but it brings relief and more strength to those who have already healed much.”

That's why today, February 10th, allows us to experience this powerful purification process even more strongly and leads us ever deeper into the most luminous aspects of our being. So let us welcome these strong energies today and let healing happen. The best thing is happening right now – for all of us. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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