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Full moon

With today's daily energy on October 09th, 2022, an extremely fiery full moon in the zodiac sign Aries reaches us, which in turn gives us a very activating and above all "new beginning" energy quality. The full intensity will reach us in the evening, because at 22:57 p.m. the full moon will be fully manifest. Nonetheless, his energy is spilling over the entire day affect us, just as we have already felt its energy in the last few days. This full moon sets a new cycle in motion and the combination with the Aries zodiac sign generally always introduces a new quality.

Full moon in the zodiac sign Aries

Full Moon in AriesIn this context, Aries also represents the first zodiac sign within the zodiac. The circle ends with the highly spiritual zodiac sign Pisces and the circle begins with the fiery and assertive Aries. For this reason, the Aries zodiac sign always brings with it a quality of new beginnings, activation and implementation. A new cycle wants to be set in motion, and this is exactly how our inner fire should be completely ignited so that we can move forward full of enthusiasm and life energy. Instead of remaining in rigid and comfortable structures, corresponding patterns should be exploded in their entirety. Today's Aries full moon will therefore address our energy body in depth and want to get us out of rigid life patterns. And since full moons in turn are associated with abundance, completion and wholeness, we may even experience an accompanying completion, for example the conclusion of a phase in which certain circumstances have come to a standstill. And since the sun is still in the zodiac sign Libra, there are still overarching forces affecting us that should bring our own living conditions into balance. Perhaps the Aries activation will provide the necessary balance here.

Direct transit Pluto and Chiron

Chrion and ten coming portal daysOn the other hand, there are other forces that affect us. For example, yesterday Pluto became direct again in the zodiac sign Capricorn, which generally manifested a phase of acceleration and inner change. The direct Pluto always initiates an explosion of stressful and, above all, limiting circumstances and mental structures. It's about self-overcoming, the confrontation or overcoming of one's own inner conflicts and, due to the grounding Capricorn energy, about its manifestation, i.e. that we root corresponding states based on limitlessness and detachment instead of perhaps only experiencing them temporarily. On the other hand, Chiron is also near the Aries zodiac sign. The special energy point (There are different opinions about Chiron – what exactly he represents) essentially always stands for our own primal wound, which is why Chiron in the birth chart, along with the corresponding zodiac sign, shows us our primal wound/primal theme. Corresponding topics can therefore be strongly addressed in the Aries zodiac sign. The main focus here is on inactivity, passivity and complacency, through which we repeatedly allow ourselves to be slowed down. Chiron wants us to bring in a lot of healing here so that we can then allow ourselves to be completely guided by the flow of life. Overcoming rigid patterns to manifest more joy in life (the active use of our design/creative power to create positive changes), is therefore completely in the foreground.

Ten coming portal days

Full moonWell, ultimately we reach an extremely activating quality of energy that wants to lead us completely to overcome stressful structures and circumstances. The full moon will therefore be highly magical and we can look forward to its activating influences. Shortly afterwards, i.e. two days later (on October 11th) we then continue with another intense phase, because from then on we will have another 10 portal days in a row, which will therefore last until October 20th. Thus we are once again guided through a great portal that can trigger great changes within our own minds. With this in mind, special days still lie ahead of us. But today we should first enjoy the magical full moon and Aries energies. Stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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