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Ascension of Christ

With today's daily energy on May 09th, 2024, we are reaching, on the one hand, the lingering influences of yesterday's new moon, which, in combination with the Taurus sun, gave us and continues to give us an extremely grounding quality. This double Taurus energy allows us to become deeply rooted within. Everything is designed to align with our natural rhythm. On the other hand, there is a generally special quality of energy because this is the day of Ascension Day. From a purely Christian perspective, Ascension Day stands for Jesus Christ, who in turn ascended to heaven to become one with the Father/God. In the early Christian, more precisely spiritual core, Christ's Ascension is accompanied by an extremely profound meaning.

The highest energy

Ascension of Christ

So Christ's Ascension essentially represents the elevation and, above all, the union of the Christ consciousness state with the Father, that is, with the divine itself. Ultimately, what is often mentioned here is the complete fusion with the highest "I AM PRESENCE" (I am = Divine Presence) or the manifestation of a perfect state. It is the Trinity that we can bring to life within ourselves. The Christ Consciousness, in turn, means one of the highest, purest, truest and, above all, state of consciousness permeated by sincerity and love, in which complete lightness prevails, i.e. a state free from earthly conflicts, burdensome dogmas, programs, material bonds, addiction and density-based aspects. It is a state that represents the highest manifestable primal state of every human being (our avatar state). And whoever has managed to revive this master state, his entire field is so light that he automatically ascends spiritually to heaven (high level/dimension/state of consciousness) and has arrived - in the highest. We ourselves become one with God or, to put it another way, with the divine. There is no separation within us. We become one with God by recognizing God as the source not only in the outer world, but also in our inner world, i.e. in our own spirit (God within us, without and in heaven). In this way we eliminate the separation from God and have created the highest self-image, essentially a whole or even holy self-image, because it is the holiest/most wholesome thing of all to recognize Christ and God/the source in oneself. At the same time, it is also the greatest gift we can give our mind, body and soul system, because such a self-image represents pure healing for our energy body (Our thoughts, including our self-image, always influence our own health status - mind rules over matter - our cells react to our thoughts. Recognizing yourself as sacred is incredibly inspiring, i.e. this positive basic feeling heals our cells/sanctifies us).

Trinity - The Trinity

trinityUltimately, this is the Trinity, which means the maximum harmony that we have brought to life. We are going through a major change within the ascension process. We begin life in the greatest density, occupied with the most difficult dogmas and programs. An unveiling process takes place - we take off more and more veils, explore ourselves and enter into lighter self-images and consequently states. Through the manifestation of the triune state, along with a strong connection to nature and detachment from the matrix, we master the game and imprisonment within density. Today therefore reminds us of this infinite potential for ascension that is anchored in all of us and can be developed more than ever, especially in this current time of awakening. As already mentioned, we ourselves have the potential within us to revive the highest state in order to subsequently be able to rise to the highest level of consciousness. Let us therefore enjoy today's Ascension and honor not only our fathers, but God and Christ in ourselves and the world. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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