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Today's daily energy on January 09th, 2020 is mainly shaped by the preliminary influences of the coming full moon and is therefore already giving us very magical, mood-intensifying (in my case even mood-enhancing ones) and, above all, mind-expanding moods. As already mentioned in yesterday's daily energy article, the prevailing energy quality is also extreme and it's unbelievable how intense everything feels.

One day until the full moon – basic trust

One day until the full moon - basic trustThis can also be applied to anything. Be it your own sensitivity, i.e. the intensity of your own perception and, above all, your view of the external world (on yourself), the “sharpness” of your own mental abilities, the daily circumstances that you face, your own body feeling or even the composition of your own overall picture. In this context, it currently feels like, despite some disagreements and chaotic circumstances in the outside world (for example Australia, Iran or even interpersonal conflicts), a lot of things seem to fall into place and the big picture, the perfection behind one's own creation, i.e. that everything should be exactly as it is and that everything is given to us, becomes more and more apparent and clearly perceptible. On the other hand, our own highest divine spirit is becoming more and more realized. In this way we are heading more and more towards perfected states and can directly experience how the planetary ascension process reaches a new stage. Humanity is currently going through the most important phase of all and the beginning of the golden decade is bringing its fruits with it. It is a time of action, a time of inner change and, above all, a phase in which we make conscious use of our creative power to create a high self-image more than ever before (which is essential for a harmonious transformation in the outer world - only when we become full of light, i.e. when we revive and FEEL a light-full image of ourselves, can we revive this light in the outer world - as within, so without). I have never experienced anything like this myself, and the same applies to my moods, which are completely opposite to the last few months. In this regard, I feel very strongly how we are now heading towards spring, which, as I said, is reflected in very productive emotional states on my part - I have rarely been in such a creative drive as I am currently.

Change your idea of ​​yourself and you will automatically change the world in which you live. Don't try to change people; they are just messengers telling you who you are. Upgrade yourself and they will confirm the change. – Neville Goddard..!!

Well, ultimately I'm very excited to see what the energies will feel like on the full moon tomorrow and what self-knowledge, impulses, moods and circumstances will come our way. Highly important programs are installed in the background. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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