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daily energy

Today's daily energy on February 09th, 2022 is accompanied on the one hand by the continued increasing influences of the moon (which, by the way, reaches its full moon form in 7 days - full moon in the zodiac sign Leo), which in turn changes to the zodiac sign Gemini this morning at 11:31 a.m. and accordingly gives us the energy quality of the element air and reaches us on the other side continue the profound cleansing influences of the advancing month of February. The very predominant energy environment, favored by the very advanced development of the collective spirit (whereby the frequency of the collective has reached a very high level), continue to flush out the deepest primal fears and programs from our systems.

Soar into the air – achieve lightness

daily energyIn the process, all unredeemed and, above all, heavy energies are flushed out of our energy field, i.e. very deep-seated blockages, compulsions and other disharmonious bonds on our part, i.e. inner orientations through which we become too dependent on difficult situations and are unable to express ourselves To free ourselves from these self-imposed captivity, all these inner primal programs are being triggered extremely strongly within the current days or are being processed very strongly. After all, in order to completely merge with our highest self or to fully live out a holy state, it is absolutely necessary that we allow our entire environment to be enveloped in lightness. It is exactly as the element air shows us today. We are supposed to rise, ascend, rise into the sky or rather into the highest realm, but all the inner conflicts or heavy energies within our spirit still ensure that we remain bound to the matter/density, which is why we prevent us from rising within a state based on lightness, we are simply too heavy or too strongly anchored in density for that. For this reason, in order to manifest an ease-based circumstance, it is also of utmost importance that we fully expand our heart, keeping it open to a state of inner unconditional love (the highest form of energy) to become manifest.

The termination of the density-based state

daily energy As long as we are together, like in mine last video explains that we continue to burden ourselves with heaviness, for example by constantly complaining (to complain, to charge oneself with heavy energies through resentment), in which we only focus on suffering, we repeatedly allow ourselves to be drawn into fears, we only see the bad in the world, we constantly get upset or even judge others, in which we constantly look for bad things, like that As long as all of these aspects are still present within our minds, we deny ourselves the permanent manifestation of a fully ascended state. In exactly the same way, we continue to keep our hearts closed and thus limit the full development of our own light body. Let us therefore use the current, very cleansing February influences and, at least in relation to today, recognize all the inner density-based aspects that are still preventing us from ascending to the highest realm. Let us begin to manifest a life of ease. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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