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daily energy

Today's daily energy on December 09th, 2021 is characterized on the one hand by the moon, which in turn changes to the zodiac sign Pisces at 15:58 p.m. and from then on gives us the energies of the element of water, along with increased sensitive, dreamy and final impulses (matching the energy of the last zodiac sign within the zodiac cycle) and on the other side of one general very withdrawing, but also stormy or changing energies. In this regard, a frosty hurricane low is also passing through our regions these days.

Stormy circumstances

Is the deep onset of winter coming?The east and south of Germany in particular are particularly affected by this weather situation, i.e. a lot of snowfall, black ice and squalls will pass through many of these regions. On the other hand, the weather conditions will continue at the weekend, because then the next low will hit us straight away. In keeping with the enormous mood of change in the world, the massive realignment within the collective accompanied by the unmasking of all illusory worlds based on disinformation/lies (The matrix is ​​falling, that system is showing more and more its true face) or rather the fall of all dark circumstances, be it in the world or even in our own minds, a phase will begin in December in which we can surrender perfectly to our own inner development within these storms. Regardless of Haarp and general weather manipulation, which is of course everyday life these days, we must never forget the projection of our inner world onto the outside. The storms on the outside still represent storms or processes of change that are taking place in our own inner world, because we are all going through the overarching ascension process in which we cleanse our old being in order to subsequently find our way back to the highest/holy self to be able to (to manifest an ideal world → inside = outside and vice versa). And hardly any month is perfect for devotion to one's own self, as is the case in December. The days leading up to the winter solstice are getting darker and the natural cycles want us to surrender to our inner world (the law of rhythm and vibration). With the current element of Pisces we can also join in with this natural flow, just like the element of water shows us, everything wants to flow and flow.

Is the deep onset of winter coming?

daily energyWell, parallel to these influences, there is also the possibility that we are facing a very deep onset of winter. Anyone who looks back will certainly remember the massive cold phase in February this year, which was attributed to a split polar vortex (Polar cold that subsequently flowed to us). The current vortex is again very unstable in this regard and is in danger of breaking (or threatens to be broken with a hairpin). If that happens, then an extreme cold snap will hit us again and the probability of this happening is very high, especially since the current system is generally breaking out of its normality more than ever, giving humanity the chance to recognize the awakening process even more. The more anomalies occur, the sooner the old system will come to an end. A violent onset of winter with massive low temperatures, possibly combined with the desired one Blackout, could unhinge the matrix even more in this regard. Added to this is the fact that an ancient power lies hidden, especially in the icy cold. In this case, the energies of withdrawal would also be greatly increased, because everything would then be even more at rest, a circumstance that ice-cold days simply bring with them (Nature contracts, slows down and during this time gathers new strength for the next cycle). Either way, this winter already has a very special magic in it and we can really look forward to this quality of energy. Let us surrender to our inner world and let peace manifest in our inner space as well. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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