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Today's daytime energy, November 08th, is definitely positive in nature and may bring us some happy moments. On the other hand, today's influences can also be of a very changeable or strenuous nature, especially in the morning and in the evening it will be a little more stormy. Otherwise, today's daily energy is generally due to luck, Harmony and other positive connections are accompanied.

Standing in our creative power

Standing in our creative powerApart from that, our personal development – ​​which in turn is linked to our active actions – is also in the foreground today. So I mentioned in one of my last articles that dreaming or staying in a dreamy state can have a positive effect on us and is sometimes important, but in the long term it simply prevents us from taking action again come and stand completely in our own creative power. Dreams are important, but at some point it's time to actively work on realizing our own dreams. Because of our own mind and our mental imagination, we humans can create our lives according to our ideas, through active action, through self-control, self-confidence and self-love, we can realize countless of our own dreams or rather manifest them in our lives. Otherwise, today's daily energy is also accompanied by some very lucky star constellations. For example, a short-term constellation/trine of the sun and moon between 14:33 p.m. and 16:33 p.m. brings us some happy moments, ensures harmony between the sexes and could lead to coincidences (a trine denotes 2 celestial bodies, which in turn have an angle of 120 degrees in the sky to each other||Quality= Harmony). On the other hand, a mid-morning trine between the Moon and Neptune could give us an impressive mind, strong imagination and good empathy. In the same way, this trine could also make us attractive and make us very dreamy. In the morning there was again a square of the Moon and Mars, which could have made us belligerent, agitated and, above all, in a certain way premature (square = 2 celestial bodies at an angle of 90 degrees to each other||quality= hard tension aspect) .

Today's daily energy is of a very changeable nature and apart from some happy moments, it can definitely lead to exhausting and also depressed moments. Ultimately, how much this affects us always depends on our own mental state and, above all, on our current emotional state..!!

Towards the evening, an opposition between the moon and Pluto (opposition = 180 degrees || aspect of tension) could ensure that we suffer from a one-sided and, above all, extreme emotional life. Because of this, we might be prone to depression, self-indulgence, self-indulgence, or even a propensity for illness. However, to what extent these aspects influence us and, above all, to what extent the corresponding influence on us humans is, always depends on ourselves and our own mental state at the end of the day. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

Sternkonstellation Quelle: https://alpenschau.com/2017/11/08/mondkraft-heute-08-november-2017-glueckliche-momente/

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