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With today's daily energy on May 08th, 2024, the energies of a special new moon reach us (at 05:23 a.m.), because today's new moon is in the zodiac sign Taurus and directly opposite it is the sun, which is also in the zodiac sign Taurus. Today's quality therefore comes with an extremely grounding influence. Things we are currently pursuing, such as new projects or generally the manifestation of new structures, can be under the energy of this constellation consolidate very easily. In this respect, we could also speak of fertile ground in which all thoughts, views and habits immediately take root.

New Moon in Taurus - Grounding

Taurus new moonOn the other hand, the grounding new moon, which is especially geared towards spring, encourages us to connect with nature. In this way, we can draw energy from nature that not only grounds us internally, but also recharges us. Basically, there is hardly any place from which we can draw so much strength and these days it is particularly advisable to go into nature. Taurus energy also wants to lead us to places where we feel at home. Thanks to the double Taurus quality, we can also adapt more easily to the overarching rhythms of nature. After all, now, in this third month of spring, everything is geared towards nature. The Taurus New Moon connects us to the earth and encourages us to go out into nature and draw energy and inspiration from this inexhaustible source. Apart from this, we can now optimize our own biorhythms, for example our day and night cycle. Everything is aligned with our inner and outer nature.

Draw into nature

springAnd since we are currently in the awakening of spring, which is particularly strong this year (Not only I, but also friends of mine, have noticed that nature has exploded in the last few weeks, in some cases to an extent that even surpasses last year), we should definitely go out into nature and recharge ourselves accordingly. As I said, spending time in nature always has great healing potential. We enter directly into a harmonious vibration field that has a very constructive effect on our own field. We also breathe in pure, more precisely natural (living) air and can harvest medicinal plants, i.e. the most healing food of all (full of chlorophyll, biophotons and energy). Well, with that in mind, let's welcome today's Taurus New Moon while connecting with nature. It is more available than ever. Ultimately, this is one of the most powerful actions we can take on a daily basis to accelerate our own unveiling process, because, as within, so without.

Live the natural abundance

daily energyThe more we absorb nature into ourselves, the more nature can manifest on the outside. And since nature, like our true nature, is based on abundance, healing and balance, we will increasingly attract a life that contains these qualities. Well, last but not least, in keeping with today's new moon, I would like to point out a special congress that will take place these days. We are talking about the “Spirit of Fengshui” congress, in which countless valuable information will be shared with you. I am also there and conducted an interview on the subject of spring water and water treatment. But the topic of Fengshui in particular is examined in depth. Aspects and energy levels are brought in that cast a completely new and consciousness-changing picture on the topic. So feel free to be there. You can register for the congress completely free of charge using the following link and then watch the videos individually (a new video is published every day): congress.spirit-of-fengshui.com.
In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

Fengshui Congress

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