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daily energy

Today's daily energy on February 08th, 2022 is, on the one hand, shaped by the influences of today's crescent moon, because at 14:57 p.m. the moon reaches its crescent state within its current waxing phase, which in particular makes the Yin/Yang principle more clearly visible to us. This is due to the zodiac sign Taurus, which carries the energy of the earth element The crescent moon is primarily associated with grounding and also the rooting of an inner balanced state. As I said, the crescent completely shows us the state of unity.

The great merger

Crescent energiesThe duality or the two sides of a coin that together become one (the whole) result. Two different polaritarian/opposite states or rather two different energy qualities that together form the big picture and should therefore be brought together on our part. It is exactly as I have often described it in several articles, because we often live out states of separation. Be it the overactivity of an inner aspect, for example overactivity or even a male or even female aspect that is too one-sided, a wavering anchoring/movement between heart and mind or even the feeling that the external perceptible world takes place separately from oneself. In the highest state of consciousness, however, all circumstances come together to form a whole. It is the great fusion, which in turn can be manifested in our own being, the unification of all aspects and also all dualitarian patterns or the great becoming one, in which we not only recognize all levels, dimensions and worlds as embedded possibilities/energies within our own Recognize reality, but by, independently of the so often mentioned Trinity (Letting Christ and God come to life in one's own consciousness = the holy spirit/holy consciousness), completely immerse yourself in our own inner center. Everything ultimately boils down to this, whether on a large or small scale, whether in the macro or the microcosm. Be it our two halves of the brain, which can work in complete balance with each other, or even the return to our true self in which we face the duality (Dual soul process) recognize in us. And as I said, by us we mean the entire existence. The two duals, the inner world and the outer world, which, when we become aware of them, become perceivable again as the great unity, a circumstance that can be described as the great fusion.

Crescent energies

Today's crescent moon energies in the element earth can therefore help us immensely to immerse ourselves in a state of inner wholeness, i.e. the state in which we feel complete again and perceive all the energies in our inner space, accompanied by the complete return to that Feeling of inner balance, harmony and inner peace. And since the current energy quality is generally breaking all boundaries and is therefore incredibly strong, i.e. since everything in general wants to lead us back to the highest self-image - to heal the entire world, we will definitely notice today's crescent moon energies more strongly. Well, in keeping with the current energy quality and, above all, in keeping with the return to the highest state, I published a new video of my own yesterday, which I have embedded in the lower area. It has definitely become an informative and important video that I can only highly recommend to you. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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