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With today's daily energy, an extremely powerful energy mixture reaches us, because we experience the influences of the combination of Sagittarius Sun and Gemini Full Moon. The elements of fire and air dominate today and give us a quality that has a strong effect on our inner spiritual orientation and with profound self-knowledge, corresponding planning, general spiritual impulses and important awareness. We therefore have a day ahead of us that is essentially about finding inner truth, paths to self-realization and expanding consciousness.

Generally full moon impulses

daily energyIn this context, the full moon is or was manifested completely at night at 05:13 a.m. Nevertheless, its energies will accompany us throughout the day, as is always the case with full moons and new moons. So their energies affect us even a few days in advance and allow us to feel their strong intensity. A full moon itself is always associated with a certain energy of completion, abundance and strong potency. Medicinal plants and plants in nature in general have a significantly higher energy and nutrient density than is the case on other lunar cycle days. In exactly the same way, our bodies are much more designed to absorb nutrients. These are strong phases of growth in which, due to the energetic abundance spectrum, we can absorb/perceive deep truths within ourselves and we are generally even extremely receptive to frequency influences. Well, if the Gemini full moon is opposite the Sagittarius sun, then this alignment greatly favors finding the truth. This combination makes us very idealistic, passionate, stimulates us to act and makes us strive for a higher meaning. Ultimately, this results in a quality that massively promotes a strong expansion of consciousness, accompanied by deep self-knowledge.

Gemini full moon energies

Gemini full moon energiesThe Gemini full moon itself, which is also known as the cold or snow moon (due to its proximity to the upcoming winter solstice – Yule) in turn calls on us to allow lightness to flow into our minds and also into our everyday lives. The air sign always stimulates our intellectual and sociable side, promotes good communication and the planning or implementation of ideas, which in turn are very important to us. Due to the opposing Sagittarius sun, hidden truths could also be expressed in the same way. We want to speak our inner truths and uncover deep aspects of our being instead of keeping them hidden. The Gemini full moon will therefore charge us strongly in this regard and give us the impetus to realize ourselves in this respect. A truly special sun/moon position therefore affects the entire collective.

Moon conjunction Mars and Sun opposition Mars

Last but not least, it should also be said that this special sun/moon position also brings us exciting aspects, because the moon forms a conjunction to retrograde Mars and the sun forms an opposition to Mars (The Sun, Earth and Mars are in a line). This can result in a clearly charged mood, impulsive behavior and a certain inner irritability. Confrontations are also encouraged by these aspects, which is why it is very important that we keep a cool head today and therefore always devote ourselves to mindfulness. Let us therefore remain in our inner center and calmly absorb the energies of this special day. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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