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Today's daily energy on August 08th, 2022 is influenced by the energetically very powerful and above all activating Lion's Gate, through which the collective is in turn supplied with extremely light impulses and coding. Thus, the passage of the annual gate represents a day on which great healing is sent to the collective. We go through a large portal, which also has a parallel portalpowerful activation of our inner fire. This portal is entirely under the sign of Leo, due to the sun, which moves through the fiery sign of Leo around this time.

The energies of the lion's gate

Lion Gate

For this reason, this gate also activates our hearts in depth, because the lion in particular is closely linked to our heart chakra and is directly associated with the activation of our own heart energy. And in this regard, the opening of our hearts is also a central element within the global awakening process. In doing so, we should allow ourselves to be trapped in a state of closure and therefore limitation, which in turn revives a state of captivity within the collective, because The collective, like the entire existence, represents an image of our inner world. It is a large network or an interplay, i.e. our inner world, which is directly transferred to the outer world and vice versa. The more we charge ourselves with resentment, resentment, envy, imbalance and disharmonious excitement (complaining again and again - focusing only on supposedly bad things in the world), the more we keep the old world alive. The overall focus is therefore on the development of our heart energy. That we all respect each other, treat each other lovingly, the animals, the earth and above all (apparently the most difficult task for many) treat our fellow human beings with love (Instead of inciting against each other, doing bad things, wanting bad things - even people whose worldview we don't share in any way - social media is a good place to test things here. Ask yourself how often postings throw you off balance and make you upset. How often you feel resentment towards someone and then let it out freely and, as a result, get yourself into a disharmonious space instead of using your focus to create a balanced state - affects yourself), is becoming more and more important. Only a free and, above all, open heart, which illuminates everything with its gigantic energy field, only through this power will we be able to revive peace within ourselves and this in turn will manifest peace in the world little by little.

Powerful FIRE activation

Powerful FIRE activationWell, today's gigantic fire energy will therefore activate many gates within our own system. A powerful day of new beginnings reaches us. Appropriately, the sun is at the 08·08 gate with Sirius (our spiritual sun – the brightest star rising) on a line. This opens the great gate across the board and gifts us with its profound healing. The kindling of our inner fire, the opening of our hearts and most importantly the resulting healing of our entire energy system, all of these unique aspects will experience acceleration today. Fateful moments can definitely reach us. Just like groundbreaking ideas and possibilities. So let us celebrate today's Lion's Gate and absorb the powerful light energy within us. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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