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Today's daily energy on August 08th, 2020 is primarily shaped by the influences of today's Lion Portal, which in turn provides us with an EXTREMELY POWERFUL QUALITY OF ENERGY and represents the culmination of a phase that has accompanied the Planetary New Year. In this context, August 08.08th of every year always represents a highly magical day that brings us transcending frequencies and provides light impulses (8•8 Numerology – Infinity, Happiness, Sacredness). The effects of this portal are becoming stronger from year to year, which is ultimately due to the progressive collective awakening and the associated increase in energy. Corresponding events and astrological constellations are therefore becoming increasingly noticeable in terms of their intensity.

Lion Portal – Strong Frequency

Lion portalThe opening of the portal began on July 22nd (Tuesday). Sun moved into the zodiac sign Leo), learned on the day of the planetary new year (26 July) a massive increase in frequency and has now reached its complete peak today. Today, which is also often described as one of the brightest days of the year (next to the summer solstice - today is appropriate, for example. The temperature in our regions/countries is also very high, in our case it has even reached its previous peak – 37°), will therefore flood us with strong light impulses and, if necessary, lead us into new worlds/dimensions, i.e. into new STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS (If you have a new belief within you, a different emotion prevails within you, you change your mental orientation, enter into an idea or even go to another place/expand your mind to another place, then these are all Traveling into new worlds/dimensions - because everything is ALWAYS based on the expansion of your own mind, - permanent creation/creation/expanding - you constantly visit new worlds, usually without being aware that these are journeys of your own mind into other worlds). After all, today we are talking about an OPEN PORTAL and we all know by now what HIGH POTENTIAL these days bring with them. And the lion, i.e. the courageous fire sign, accompanies us through this transforming portal.

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We can leave the old behind and embrace the new. Ultimately, we have an extremely exciting and, above all, profound day ahead of us that can offer us new opportunities. The same applies to unique moments and special encounters. Well, in keeping with the lion portal, I would like to quote special sections from the following pages at this point love-the-whole.blogspot.com and esistallesda.com:

“The 8-8 Lion Gate is a celebration of the ancient Lemurian lineage that many lightworkers carry in their soul code and bloodline. We return to modern Gaia in this time, with the Crystal Seeds awakening a new Lemuria and giving birth to our 5D New Earth.

8:8 resonates with the sacred geometry of infinity Figure 8, the symbol of union, integration, harmony, abundance and balanced polarity. The zero point center of infinity exists 'outside of time', in the NOW. In the unpolarized state at zero point, the heart center opens and expands to unite with the quantum field of “All That Is”…. the quantum field of infinite possibilities and potential.

By attuning to the harmonic frequency of the soul presence within the logarithmic spiral, we can restore inner order, balance and stability - while metabolizing waves of crystalline photonic light at a cellular level. The powerful 8:8 superwave of light helps transform physical dense matter into crystalline plasma particles…. and activates the light body for soul embodiment.”

“Another diamond spiral of 'time' will pass through the Lion's Gate on August 8.8th. born. The Royal Lion Guardians of “Yesterday” and “Tomorrow” stand at the archway, ready to welcome those who are balanced in their hearts into the Sacred Spiral of Masterful Co-Creation on Planet Earth.

This is when the Royal Lions of Regulus and Sirius assist in the birth of a new timeline, correctly Ormolu*, a new time spiral for the New Earth. Time is a diamond spiral of creative power that allows the beings of light and spirit to manifest and create in a material or physical environment. It is the creative energy of the original desire for knowledge and experience that triggered the dawn of creation and continues to drive the ongoing ascension/creation process.

The more you can rest in this consciousness of the One, the more you will move into the present, the NOW, and the lighter you will be on August 8.8th. pass through this Lion Gate.”

In this sense, that was it for today's daily energy. While you are reading these lines, I will be on the road myself, completing a smaller journey. At the same time, I will use the healing power of the sun and water. With this in mind, enjoy today's lion portal energies, the sun and an accompanying transformative, yet relaxing drive. Stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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    • Bianca 8. August 2020, 11: 09

      It's interesting that this day is World Cat Day 😉
      Thank you for the great explanations, I love reading the daily energies! Have a wonderful day 🙂

    Bianca 8. August 2020, 11: 09

    It's interesting that this day is World Cat Day 😉
    Thank you for the great explanations, I love reading the daily energies! Have a wonderful day 🙂