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Today's daily energy on April 08th, 2024 will be mainly shaped by the highly magical influences of a total solar eclipse, which will take place, at least in Central Europe, from 17:42 p.m. to 22:52 p.m. At 20:17 p.m. the maximum eclipse of the Sun occurs, i.e. the moment of totality. Today therefore brings us a quality of energy that is of enormous power. Of course the impending one was The intensity has already been clearly noticeable over the last few days and will continue to lead us in a new direction in the coming days and weeks; Despite everything, today represents the energetic peak.

The total solar eclipse

Total solar eclipseIn this regard, we should also keep in mind that a total, i.e. complete, solar eclipse will reach us today. Thus, we find ourselves in a field that is extremely potent and will flush our mind, body and soul connection to a great extent. Basically, it should be said that a solar eclipse is always said to have a fateful effect; after all, the event is accompanied by an extraordinary position. When the moon (new moon) positions itself completely between the earth and the sun, perfect synchronicity occurs between the three celestial bodies. All bodies are located exactly in one line, which means that the entire shadow of the moon falls on the Earth's surface. This releases an unexpectedly deep potential in our energy system. The absolutely synchronous position of all three celestial bodies is therefore accompanied by a synchronization of our own field. At the core, there is therefore a deep activation of our system that calls for wholeness, totality and completeness. Inner conflicts, shadows and hidden unfulfilled karmic patterns can subsequently show themselves in a direct way. Ultimately, a phase like this is about a transformation of our state of being. The event focuses on wholeness and removes all aspects that, for example, prevent us from feeling complete. In other words, we are deeply encouraged to revive a state of balance and harmony. The less we move in such a state, the more stressful a total solar eclipse can be. In general, many people complain about sleep problems and other symptoms on such days. All these temporary phenomena are due to the gigantic energetic influence.

The fire energy

solar eclipseIn addition, the element of fire joins in with great intensity, because the sun and moon are both in the zodiac sign Aries. Accordingly, today's total solar eclipse is also accompanied by a manifesting and purifying element, a circumstance that can give us great motivation. The Aries sign, as the first sign in the zodiac, always represents new beginnings and the creation of new paths in life. Furthermore, we must also not forget that Pluto is still in Aquarius. The prevailing quality therefore wants to catapult us into new conditions on a large scale. The old world, be it related to the overarching illusory world, or even to an old unfulfilled world in which we have remained for a long time (our inner illusory world), dissolves completely. Because of Aries, a big stone is set in motion and the day (these days) serves a great transformation process.

To coincide with the solar eclipse (the new): Incredible technologies

primal frequenciesNow, in conclusion or even in keeping with this life-changing quality of energy, I would like to point out a special offer once again. So I have told you again and again about the primal frequency mat, which I have been using for more than a year now. This mat naturally produces regenerative frequencies and primal substances. More than 1000 hexagonal rock mixtures are integrated into the mat, which consist of tourmaline, jade, biotite and other rocks. These rock mixtures have been proven to produce large amounts of negative ions 1:1 when you lie down or sit on the mat (by pressure), as in nature, which reduces large amounts of stress, i.e. stress hormones and free radicals, to a healthy level. Depending on the program selected, the mat also produces biophotons (light quanta), the Schumann frequency, infrared deep heat and regenerative magnetic fields. There is now also a testimonials group in which incredible testimonials have been described. From allergies, psoriasis and the like, which have been reduced to a minimum. Chronic back pain that has completely disappeared after years. The massive relief of irritable bowel symptoms and even symptoms of paralysis, which, contrary to the doctors' opinion, improved. I wouldn't recommend the frequency mat if it wasn't so powerful. A natural technology of the new era. The mat will only be at an extreme price reduction until tomorrow, after which the price of the mat will be permanently increased (due to higher material costs). If you are looking for a holistic solution, you will find it here. With the code: “ENERGIE150” you even get an additional discount. It will therefore no longer be cheaper. You can access the website here: www.multispa.de/urenergie.


Let us therefore welcome the influences of the total solar eclipse and prioritize our own self-realization more than ever. We are in a time when it is important to find our true strength and maturity again. A master process that engages the entire collective and elevates human civilization to a divine one. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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