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Today's daily energy on September 07, 2021 mainly gives us the extremely grounding influences of a special new moon, which on the one hand became active or reached its peak at 02:54 a.m. and on the other hand is in the zodiac sign Virgo. Because of this, this new moon will also be of the frequency of the element earth accompanies us and can therefore also give us a lot of support in paving a new foundation. A foundation that suits us to the consonance of the new moon energies (New experience) can lead into a new special circumstance.

New moon in Virgo

new moonAnd ultimately, this grounding new moon should generally benefit us a lot. Because especially in these days it is of great importance that we build a strong spiritual foundation and are accordingly firmly rooted in our true being. Accordingly, many people also have the feeling that their foundation is currently breaking away under them, on the one hand because the system is fighting so much for the souls of people or, better said, with all "dwindling" power trying to keep people in density and accordingly massive tries to exert pressure, on the other hand we are all confronted with the deepest defective primal programs, inner conflicts and of course also nameable as primal wounds due to this energetically very strong high phase. Space should be created in our inner world for the completely holy, divine and full of light, and for this it is absolutely essential that all of the original programs are recognized and ended on our part, programs through which we are repeatedly catapulted into states of density. And exactly such an overarching illumination is currently in full swing. Countless amounts of darkness are truly flushed out of our cells, which in this context demands a great deal of strength and steadfastness from all of us. It is like a great master's test that many of us go through, a crossing through the great gate of awakening, behind which lies pure bliss and also a state of deep, true love.

From the dense into the light

And today's very powerful New Moon would like to remind us in this regard that we should build a strong foundation, a foundation free of all attachments, compulsions and defective attachments, one could also say free of all the things that make us feel it again and again refuse to experience healing and abundance, because even the smallest burden or seemingly smallest conflict allows lack to thrive (lets us attract lack, further conflicts, compulsions and disharmonious constructs - your field constantly generates a resonance, which in turn is in harmony with external circumstances/possibilities that vibrate at the same time). It is therefore a very special new moon that could not come at a better time right now as the old world is completely falling apart (the old world outside - the system, - the old world within ourselves - the dense parts), it is more important than ever that we ground ourselves and accordingly allow a stable state to become manifest. Basic trust and not letting oneself be disturbed despite countless shadowy circumstances is a real art. And who only manages this and does not let himself be ripped out of his foundation in any way, whoever manages to stay in the heart/in the divinity, will experience pure happiness or pure holiness in the coming time. With this in mind, let's create a strong foundation based on these special new moon energies and even continue to revive them. Stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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