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With today's daily energy on May 06th, 2024, on the one hand, the influences of the Taurus Sun continue to reach us, through which we can work full of perseverance and perseverance on the realization of our own being, and on the other hand, the energies of the waning moon, which will be in the coming days , to be precise, will lead to a new moon in the zodiac sign Taurus on May 08th. The current days are therefore very much geared towards acceptance. After all, in a waning moon phase, all processes that involve cleansing are accelerated. Heavy energies leave our system much more easily. In view of this, detoxification processes are particularly favored.

The energetic influences in May

Aside from the coming new moon, we have now reached the beginning of May, i.e. the month of fertility, love, blossoming and marriage. Nature begins to bloom to its fullest, flowers and blossoms appear in their splendor and countless plants thrive, a circumstance that is particularly noticeable this year. In contrast to recent years, it seems as if nature is returning in tremendous abundance. I have rarely experienced such growth and blossoming. In general, May is of course always accompanied by a complete awakening in nature. But this year the scale is on a different level. Well, regardless of this, special cosmic changes are coming to us again this month. You can find out what these are below.

New moon in the zodiac sign Taurus

New moon in the zodiac sign TaurusAt the beginning, on May 08th, as already mentioned, we will have a refreshing new moon in the zodiac sign Taurus, which in turn is opposite the Taurus Sun. This new moon will have a grounding influence on us and will be responsible for ensuring that new circumstances, which we primarily address during this time, are given a healthy foundation. In addition, this concentrated Taurus constellation creates a field through which we can tackle major tasks. Tasks or circumstances that we have not yet been able to achieve (simply because they seemed too heavy for us), can experience a huge boost in manifestation through this Taurus New Moon. Additionally, the days around this new moon are perfect for establishing a new lifestyle. An ideal time to establish a new circumstance just before summer.

Mercury moves to Taurus

awakeningOn May 15th, direct Mercury moves into the zodiac sign Taurus. The planet of communication and sensory impressions changes its alignment significantly in Taurus. A phase begins in which, from a communicative perspective, we can approach certain circumstances in a much more grounded and persistent manner. We could also feel a tendency to think and act creatively. In the same way, due to this earthy connection, order is in the foreground in interpersonal relationships, or rather we could feel the urge to bring a corresponding calm and structure into relationships. Our voice wants to be used for safe and calm pronunciations. Grounded considerations of life are encouraged. On the other hand, we could be much more down-to-earth in our overall expression. We can pursue goals with zeal.

Sun moves into the zodiac sign Gemini

On May 20th the sun moves into the zodiac sign Gemini. So another major solar change will take place on this day and the time of Gemini energy begins. Due to the airy energy of the Gemini zodiac sign, we will feel a strong inclination towards social activities and enjoy doing things with other people. Special communicative circumstances, a much more pronounced thirst for knowledge and a valuable, lively exchange will be in the foreground. Otherwise, this connection can show us our extremes. In this context, the sun also represents our essence and illuminates deep personality aspects of our being. Within the Gemini zodiac sign, which tends to fall into extremes or two sides or even has difficulty deciding on something, the reasons why we fall into extremes are highlighted. This time can therefore make us very centered if we are mindful and work successfully on our inner issues.

Full moon in the zodiac sign Sagittarius

On May 23rd, a powerful full moon will reach us in the zodiac sign Sagittarius. On this day and also around this day, we will achieve a quality of energy that can not only bring profound insights, but also speaks to our true self. In this regard, the Sagittarius zodiac sign always goes hand in hand with energies that make us have high spirits and feel a strong pull towards the realization of our highest goals. In addition, this full moon really wants to lead us into expansion. The ruling planet of Sagittarius is also Jupiter. Jupiter itself represents happiness, joy, optimism, fulfillment and ultimately expansion. In combination with the full moon, which is generally associated with completion, abundance and unity, the result is an energy mixture that really wants to lead us to the highest. And especially in the current phase of awakening, it is generally becoming more important that we enter a high state of consciousness.

Venus moves into Gemini

On the same day, Venus also changes to the zodiac sign Gemini. Through this connection we can be much more sociable and generally more relaxed. After all, Venus does not stand for partnerships, love and romance, but also for pleasure, art, joy of life, enjoyment and a sociable time. The situation is similar with the zodiac sign Gemini, which essentially stands for sociability and can make us extremely sociable. Gemini wants to make contacts, do special things, laugh and experience exciting circumstances with curiosity. Through this constellation we can relax strict circumstances and make life a little easier overall. In the same way, friendships, special conversations and corresponding enjoyment can be the focus during this time. It will therefore be a perfect time to bring lightness into our own emotional lives.

Jupiter moves into Gemini

Last but not least, Jupiter moves into the zodiac sign Gemini on May 26th. Jupiter itself, a planet that represents happiness, abundance and expansion, can allow us to flourish completely in the zodiac sign of Gemini. During this time, we can be full of ideas inside and quickly become enthusiastic about new circumstances. We would also like to express ourselves in this connection. Instead of hiding or even nesting in our own home, we feel the urge to go out into the world. In keeping with this, appropriate ventures are encouraged in this phase. If we follow this quality of energy, special luck can come our way, be it magical connections or other circumstances blessed by luck.


Well, finally it should be said that May is a magical month in which we are encouraged to blossom. And in keeping with this, we are also experiencing the special blossoming within nature this month. We can therefore optimally integrate these energies into ourselves by, for example, going into nature and thereby experiencing the influences of nature (Earth) absorb directly into us. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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