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With today's daily energy on December 06th, 2023, we are still in the waning moon phase, which will come to a head until December 13th or then lead to a new moon in the zodiac sign Sagittarius. On the way there, we will continue to be able to shed circumstances, programs and poisons, in keeping with the declining phase in which our own field is generally designed to accept the aforementioned aspects. On the other hand, a special astrological constellation has reached us in the past few days, which in turn has changed the current overall energy quality.

Venus moved into Scorpio

Venus moved into ScorpioTwo days ago on December 04th, Venus changed to the zodiac sign Scorpio. With Venus in the zodiac sign Scorpio, a new quality is brought into our relationships and existing partnerships. Scorpio can appeal strongly to our sexuality and make us extremely sensual (We may feel an increased pull towards sensual moments). On the other hand, Scorpio wants to provide clarity and encourages us to let go of old or burdensome structures within partnerships or interpersonal relationships. The scorpion pierces deep wounds with its stinger and pulls out all the unfulfilled, unspoken and hidden parts of us. For this reason, such a Scorpio/Venus period can not only be very fiery, but also very conflictual or stormy. Scorpio wants to heal relationships or fragile connections and can do this in a very conflictual and impulsive way. For this reason, in such a phase it may be more appropriate than ever to root yourself more deeply in a state of calm.

Neptune becomes direct

Neptune becomes directOn the other hand, today Neptune in the zodiac sign Pisces becomes direct again. The directness of the Pisces zodiac sign triggers a forward thrust overall, which is particularly expressed in the areas of self-knowledge and spirituality or spiritual search/further development. Neptune is also the ruling planet of the Pisces zodiac sign. At their core, both are accompanied by a certain level of obfuscation, illusory thinking and a withdrawal, or rather a “being withdrawn” in this regard. Scorpio always wants to produce everything. The sensitive Pisces zodiac sign has the opposite effect. In its directness, many important points can be initiated and we gain deep self-knowledge about our own being. In essence, we could also speak of spiritual development, which is strongly addressed by this combination. This is exactly how aspects that have remained obscured or in the fog this year can come to the surface. Well, ultimately we are experiencing a change in the overall quality of energy that will bring some new impulses and directions into our own field. And on the coming new moon we will certainly be able to perceive these changes in a special way. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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