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Today's daily energy on September 05th, 2021 continues to lead us even deeper into the frequency of September and, as already mentioned in the last daily energy article, paves the transition into the next high phase (for some also perceptible as a crisis phase - explanation follows in the further course of the article). This high phase, which is accompanied by a strong energetic release and elevation, wants to lead our spirit even further into the kingdom of God, i.e. into heaven or rather into even more high-frequency dimensions/states.

The DIVINE PLAN is being completed

The divine planUltimately, despite all the chaotic circumstances, we must never ignore the fact that precisely this overarching elevation, i.e. the return of human civilization into a completely free, holy and divine civilization, is a process that is not only running at full speed at the moment, but that will represent the upcoming end result of the current stormy phases (in this decade | Golden decade - everything will change). The world is ascending and this process is irreversible. The course for this was not only set in recent years, not only millennia ago, but it has always existed. At the end of the day it is an always existing and all-encompassing process that we have always lived through and also experienced, namely the spiritual birth within a difficult and dark state, through which one learns step by step to recognize oneself as a divine being or as a divine being. to perceive as the source itself, as the instance in which all potentials, possibilities, circumstances, states, worlds and dimensions are anchored. You are everything and everything is yourself. In the outer world, all structures are crumbling and the apparent system is coming to a head, which has reached a completely new level, especially in autumn of this year - a level that may also feel very restrictive, ultimately reflects only the complete disintegration of the old again. And that doesn't just mean the old system with all its destructive structures, but also our old state of being or our low-frequency spirit that arose in the old/heavy. But for those who are already making a strong dedication of their own spirit to the Divine, who have begun to see the sacred in everything, the coming phase will be just another higher act of the fulfillment of the divine plan. The focus is on the divine behind and within everything, rather than the dark, bad, and confining.

The BEST will reach us all

The BEST will reach us all It is also our view of the world (naturally resulting from our inner world/alignment), which is partly responsible for what is granted to us and what is not. Remember, behind all crises that are to come, behind all cabal circumstances and behind all limitations is a Divine Intelligence (hidden for many) at work, which ONLY sets the disintegration of the old matrix in motion more and more through these actors. A golden world is unstoppable and the very best is happening for all of us. Compare it to 2010, for example. Life for many at that point was perfectly normal. A classic systemic life, in which everything seemed to be going its usual way and nothing seemed to be able to throw this system anchorage out of balance. And where are we now? A lot of people woke up. The system normality has largely disappeared (and the current C ***** normality is also experiencing drastic changes in phases, as will most likely be the case in autumn) or the earlier classic everyday life has already started to falter, humanity is massively divided, many Truther movements are on the move in all countries and everyone feels that the world has gotten completely out of joint.

The change is HUGE!!!

In 2010, the questioners at the time would have wished for such a state of change, i.e. by that I mean above all a circumstance in which the system reveals its true colors so violently and subsequently encourages many people to rethink. Everything is changing at the speed of light and what do you think the world will look like in 5 years? How many people will then have awakened and, above all, how strongly the collapsing pseudo-system has revealed its cunning? For this reason, more than ever, we should all remain in basic trust and recognize the divine or the great divine plan behind everything. And as more people regain this ability and begin to focus on sanctity rather than lack, the sooner the old world will disappear. So let's continue to learn to trust ourselves and above all the world. The Divine returns and our ascension happens, irreversibly. Well then, last but not least, I would like to refer to our latest video, in which we present our latest water filtration and refinement system, with which you completely without electricity from any fresh water source can produce a high-quality spring water quality that is completely free of germs and pollutants. In this video we explain the system in detail and simulate a crisis situation. So feel free to stop by and secure yourself in this area if necessary. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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